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Season 4 premiere Vikings: Promised with SPOILERS

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Hail Vikings,

We start in Hedeby today with a very interesting conversation between Erlendur and Kalf. While Lagertha is training her own warriors for what is to come. She sees what happens between Kalf and Erlendur. Does she know what they did with the berserker? With the conversation between Kalf and Erlendur, we know they are afraid of the consequences if Lagertha finds out.  In the meanwhile, we see that Erlendur modified the crossbow of the Franks so when they go back to Paris they don't know what will happen to them. Why did Erlendur let Torvi leave because he thinks he has eyes and ears in the Lothbrok household. He did this to get to know the strength and weakness of them. Otherwise, he will kill his own child.

When Lagertha walks to Kalf and Erlendur to find out what is happening between the two of them Kalf surprises her with the answer. Lagertha does have a surprise for Kalf she is carrying his child. I am not sure if it is the case but we will find out soon enough I think. Lagertha is above joy by this I can imagine this because if they told you once you can't have children anymore, you are above joy to have one. Kalf wants her to marry him. She leaves the answer in the middle.  

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Bjorn and Ragnar however, do talk about being a father and husband. Bjorn finds it too painful to take care of Siggy and took Torvi away from her child. Bjorn tells Ragnar that he did the same, Ragnar tells him otherwise Lagertha left him, Bjorn left him. Ragnar tells Bjorn that he thinks he failed as a father but more as a husband. Husband true but father I don't know about that. 

Ragnar and Bjorn together don't trust Finehair. When Bjorn ask Finehair how many boats and warriors are on their way to Kattegat he tells him 20 boats and 600 warriors.   
Ragnar and Bjorn together don't trust Finehair. When Bjorn ask Finehair how many boats and warriors are on their way to Kattegat he tells him 20 boats and 600 warriors soon to arrive with his brother Halfdan.# Bjorn pointed out to Finehair that even with fame his small kingdom would not be bigger because of that fame. 

(Photo credit: Jonathan Hession History Channel)
When Halfdan arrives there is a feast at that feast attends Floki with Helga the hall silenced by it.Halfdan asks for King Finehair to join them at the table. When Halfdan talks about Floki's famous boats who changed their world and Ragnar's fame comes trough Floki he asks why Floki is an outlaw. The answer is simple to Floki but Helga doesn't want to hear it.

In Wessex, they are going to make a deal for Mercia to restore the peace in the country. King Eckbert asks about W and if his warrior found out who that is. Queen Kwindreth tells him that is Wixton and he is not part of a group his attention is only personal and so not be trusted. King Aella wants to know what she suggests: raise an army, invade Mercia and concur because she wants her crown back. Aethelwolf agrees with her. King Eckbert agrees to take her advice. Judith changed since she is free and educated. In her I see the power to resist every threat Aethelwolf brings to her. In this scene, we find out the wife of King Eckbert died during childbirth and he isn't allowed to marry anyone else because of an oath.   
Paris we see different things happen. Gisla doesn't trust count Oddo, Rollo who tells him that everything will happen in Paris and no matter what happen they need to defend Paris at all costs. Roland and Therese tell the Emperor of the ambitious Oddo, Gisla who wants Rollo to get more and more power, Roland wants the place of Oddo about ambitious speaking. We see the Emperor who doesn't trust Therese or is he afraid of her. Time will tell what happened to the both of them or was it because he thinks she is a whore.  

Yidu and Ragnar are together again she tells about China and the Emperor. She tells about the concubines and the Eunuch the men who are no men in the forbidden city.$ At first she tells Ragnar her father is a merchant with enough money to have a boat in possession later in the episode we find out she is the daughter of the Emperor. Also, we find out that Ragnar has a big burden of what happened to the settlement in Wessex episode 5 and 6 seasons 3 . No one knows except Yidu because he tells her about the burden. He tells her he doesn't want to go back to Paris, He has lost desire and strength he is much older now.    

(Photo credit: Jonathan Hession History Channel)
While preparations for the wedding are on their way in Hedeby she is almost done when Kalf visit his bride. While Lagertha is distracting him she delivers Kalf the promise she made to him before they went to Paris, for stealing her earldom of Hedeby. She kills him. Although he died in her hands Kalfs love for her is true and wasn't a distraction for her.    

The last thing I want to point out is the scene where Ivar* kills a child. Aslaug who tells him and comfort him after killing the child. It was shocking. He was six so I could imagine what a mother like Aslaug would do. I do know the age of Ivar because Aslaug told it on twitter (Alyssa Sutherland). It happened because he knew because of strength if the game had during longer. He did it out of an impulse. Is there consequences to it I do hope so but it would be bought off because it is the child of a king.      

$ Yidu piece

# Halfdan


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