zondag 27 september 2015

Viking Museum ´Dorestad´ The Netherlands

Hail Vikings,

It has been a while, but here I am back again.

Yesterday I took a trip to the village where Vikings raid but after a while stayed `Dorestad` now called Wijk Bij Duurstede in The Netherlands.
This village has been raid over several times during the 833 AD till 864 AD. After that, the Vikings/Nord men took the village to become a trading center. the Viking Hrœrekr you can find him in the sagas and one of this saga is one that could be told in the next season of Vikings. 

"Njals saga only mentions Hrœrekr Slöngvanbaugi as an ancestor of a man named Valgarðr. It tells that he was the father of Harald Wartooth, and then it states that Harald's mother was Auðr, the daughter of Ivar Vidfamne, the son of Halfdan the Valiant. It does not mention whether Hrœrekr was married to Auðr but assumes that the reader is familiar with their story."

This could be very interested because Halfdan announced for this season of Vikings and he is also in the Beowulf poem. Beowulf poems are most famous from the Lord of the Rings which were made by J.R.R. Tolkien and woven in the films by Peter Jackson in my opinion. Also, the Ring des Nibelungen from Richard Wagner is one of the reasons why Tolkien made the books. And it brings back the Myth between Odin and Frigg.

Back to my visit this museum has five rooms main collections and one that is temporary on the upper deck of  the building. The building itself is three floors which combined with stairs if you are unable to walk you can take the elevator. Ready to see it go to the site there is a virtual floor plan and there is lots of information about the Vikings and Nord men in English.


I had planned this visit for a very long time. Like many other visits to other Viking/Nord men stories in The Netherlands. I already have been to the Archeon, and will go to many more places to find out what the history of Vikings/Nord men in The Netherlands.