maandag 28 juli 2014

Which Vikings Character will be dead halfway in the series just an beforehand conclusion based on what you see?

During the panel of Comic-Con it was announced that we will lose a beloved character in the serie Vikings. There were two of the main characters not at the panel this year.
Floki played by Gustaf Skarsgård and Athelstan played by George Blagden. If you watch the trailer you don’t find a direct answer.

If you look further there might be an answer to that into the trailer. In the trailer is less Athelstan and less Floki but Floki is there at the end. A sign that Athelstan will die?

On the other hand the seer tells us about “stones and bones, a river two shores, three sides” etc. If you take Floki who is a trickster and named after the trickster god Loki. There is a story in Loki’s history with a couple of things in it who reference to what the seer says.

When Loki was in his darker sinister form he insulted the gods and fled. He made a house with three or four doors so when the gods went out looking for him he could escape through the doors. (three sides) Loki’s children Vali turned into a wolf and Narfi was killed by Vali this was necessary for bones to bound Loki onto a rock (stones and bones). This would mean that Floki would be the one who is going to die or at least bound.(1)

Who dies we will know when we see the season but I will tell you in either way I wouldn’t like the idea of killing Floki nor Athelstan but as Clive said in the panel “everybody will die in the series some day because it is part of the history”. We know that but we love the characters so much that we are forced to believe that they couldn’t die at all.

There is a king who is going to die does that count as a beloved character maybe Eckbert? Or are we trapped in the idea of those getting killed and will it be Ragnar? The trailer also show us that Lagertha and Eckbert are going to bond? Would that means jelousy or will she marries Ragnar again?

What we do know for sure is that Rollo played by Clive Standen will be there in a fourth season if they keep track of the history of Rollo. “The raiding on Paris will continue if season 4 will be a go”says Michael Hirst.

1                            Norse Mythology A to Z Revised edition Kathleen N. Daly, revised by Marian Rengel
ISBN 0-8160-5156-9

vrijdag 25 juli 2014

Viking Panel and sneak peak season 3

The panel of Vikings did tell us

We are off to Paris, half way one of the main characters will die, there will be raids to other countries and yet again there will be bigger conflicts between characters.

The Paris attacks will continue if there is going to be a season 4 that is announced in the panel. Everyone thought at that moment season 4 was definitely a go, but they didn't hear it right. Everybody on twitter cheered that moment.

Also the rumours started who would be dead during the season. The trailer didn't give that information away. I do have a kind of opinion about this after seeing the trailer. I am not going to rumour about that.
"Bjorn will grow older, bigger and stronger". Alexander Ludwig who plays Bjorn told that.

The teaser trailer looks great and tells us a  lot about the storyline of different characters. It tells us a strategy and what the seer sees for someone it is not clear who or what was asked. it gives you an idea of what it will be in season 3 instead of giving big storylines away.  Go and see the teaser trailer for yourself.

If it is not possible to see in your country try:

Will Loki a.k.a. Tom Hiddleston to appear again at Comic-Con?

Today the staff of Loki appeared out of nowhere in a strange device on the Marvel booth.
Tomorrow the Marvel panel will be in Hall H.
Will Tom Hiddleston be there again?
Will he amaze us with such a preformance like last year or even better?
Hopefully he will.

While we wait for the Vikings panel this is what happened meanwhile at Comic Con

If you did a Viking on set you would get a Viking drinking horn.
Most of the people who attend at the autograph boot wanted to get it singed.
There is a special comic book made for Comic-Con also available at the booth.
A couple of pictures and a video will be there.
The trailer will be out in a couple of hours.

To be continued………

Sources Photo's: Angelica Dawn, GustafSkagardNews, Chuck Hansen and Panrobles

vrijdag 18 juli 2014

Premier date announced Vikings season 3
On the 25th of march 2015 we will raiding again. Half way from the season 3 we will attack Paris. Over 120 ships, lots of raider-warriors. Our well known cast and newbies will be there to entertain us. Blood will flood all over the place and lots of other storylines will pull out again.

New Season

New season brings new characters and new stories to be told. Mythology and history combined within the series. It will be a feast to watch the new season. Let us see what Comic-Con will bring us with the new trailer of season 3. In less than a week.
We already knew that Ben Robson was added to the additional cast as Kalf.
Lothaire Bluteau
He is most famous for The Tudors TV seriess written by Micheal Hirst. Is actor for over 32 years. He is going to play the Emperor Charles of France or Charles the Bald.
Kevin Durand 
Known for his acting in films as X-men origin, I am number four and Reel Steal. The Wanderer from Vikings will be mystirious and is connected in the Baltic with Eathelwulf. (10th century) as The Wanderer
Morgane Polanski
Advisor and daughter of Emperor Charles. Also known in history as Gisele.
 Jennie Jacques
Judith daughter of Aella and Wife of Eathelwulf. Truth or dare actress.

Comic Con

You will find the cast of Vikings on 25th of July for singing 1-2 PM local time at 450 2nd avenue on this street you will find also a Viking on set.
The panel and trailer you will find on 25th of July during the panel session at 4:45-5:45 Room 6A

vrijdag 11 juli 2014

Did we miss something or do we have a totally different opinion then those who are in the jury of the Emmy’s nominations?

Photo credit: Jonathan Hession
I was shocked when I heard the Emmy’s nominations. My beloved Vikings didn’t get any nomination in the category of actors, actress and even not the writing staff. The only nomination we got was in SFX.

Vikings had a lot of categories they were in. and didn’t get what the fans wanted. A nomination in all categories. Travis Fimmel does a lot of acting without words amazing. Katheryn Winnick is stunning throughout the whole series, Clive Standen went from a warrior into a drunken Rollo and then get up again.

The writing team did an amazing job to get the show much better than last year. Still they don’t see the show who is back for a third time next year as an Emmy’s nominee. I didn’t I was all the way convinced that we would be nominated for all the categories we were in.

A strange idea we will raid again and next year we will beat them all. We will raid the Emmy’s nominations and we will win because we are the Vikings.

Sherlock His Last Vow.
When you look at the Emmy nominations we see that Sherlock’s episode His Last Vow. Did receive 3 nominations and 12 for Sherlock the serie. For actors Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin freeman both nominated for leading actor and support actor in miniseries. Freeman is also nominated for his role in Fargo. Steven Moffat for his writing of the excellent episode. Let’s see what happens in August.

Vikings Fanhalla


Do you have art pieces, pictures or anything else. You can enter Fanhalla on Tumblr.
There are some rules to it but all the artwork will be presented there. Both actors, cast and crew who are on Twitter or Facebook will Twitter or Facebook your piece of art. With this Fanhalla you will have eternal fame.

Vikings set will come to Comic-Con

Photo by John Sciulli/WireImage
The Vikings will be back this year at Comic-Con. Last year you could do a longboat race. Ever wanted to play a Viking on set?  This year you could be a Viking on set and it will all be filmed. 

There is panel time again with less cast but it will be as awesome as last time. Our beloved Vikings cast will be there Travis Fimmel, Katheryn Winnick, Clive Standen and Alexander Ludwig together with Michael Hirst. All in 6 instead of hall H what is actually a bit disappointed because it has room for less people to go and enjoy the panel. 

Ever wanted an autograph by one of them there is time for that as well. Unfortunately I will not be there but I would love to go there some day. I will watch it live on the internet. And maybe one day I will enjoy a Comic-Con. Have fun fans who are going there.

woensdag 2 juli 2014

Once upon a time season 4

Today they added two Frozen characters to Once upon a time.
Elizabeth Lail
will play Anna the younger sister of the Snow Queen. She is a new actress.
Scott Micheal Foster
will play Kristoff. Also known for his roles in TV series like Melissa and Joey, Californication and Greek.

Sherlock season 4 and Sherlocked

Tonight BBC announced to have the season 4 ready in 2015 with one special and three episodes.
The special episode will shoot in January. Later that year followed by the 3 episodes of the new season.

Tomorrow will be the next announcement will be about Sherlocked the Event. So we need to wait for a couple of hours to get to that news. Until then.........