dinsdag 31 maart 2015

Vikings season 3 'Born Again' part 2 Spoiler Alert

Hail Vikings,

After watching episode 6 again I  came trough so much new information that I am writing a part 2

The old men from the settlement who came to Ragnar by Floki lost a child and watched him die in the cold of ice and water. Ragnar knows the feeling after what happened when the Wanderer came around and did this to his own children. 

We have 2 new-born babies. One in Wessex and one in Kattegat. Porunn gives birth to  a girl called Siggy  after the died Siggy who saved Ragnar children. In Wessex the child is born from Athelstan and Judith get a boy Alfred that will be Baptized. King Eckbert thinks the child will be special because he sees Athelstan as a holy men. There will be a Baptism for Alfred but there is also a ritual with water that Bjorn does for the Gods with Siggy.

After Bjorn names his child Siggy, Aslaug gets nightmares and see her children drown together with Siggy. This reverse to the old men again but also to her feeling of guilt. I do think she has seen the drowning and the saving of her children. I think she also has it because she wouldn´t have left the children alone in the first place. Ragnar tells Aslaug to never leaves his children unattended.   

In the scene where Judith gets punished for what she did with Athelstan, King Eckbert decide to humiliate both Judith´s ear for humiliation of Aethelwolf. King Eckbert tells Aethelwolf that Athelstan is a men of god. Eckbert connects Athelstan with Jesus because Athelstan crucified and resurrection from Jesus that is what happened to Athelstan. Eckbert also talks about Judith being the virgin mother Mary was and then the role of Athelstan would be god, an angel or Joseph.

After this Athelstan wakes up after the blow of the light. The light is god. He is lying on the floor in the place Jesus has on the cross. When he got up he tells `I was dead but I am reborn`. From Christianity we go to the Gods of the Vikings. Floki gets a sign while he made a figure Odin and it tells him blood need spelled. Floki gets into a flow of outrage in this outrage he hurt Helga but she knows like Floki knows that he doesn´t want to hurt her. She knows what will happen and she will keep it still.

Floki goes from his own boatyard and goes to Kattegat but he musn´t been seen by anyone. Because of the flow the music takes you and the people of Kattegat he is unseen in Kattegat but when Rollo cross his path we will see the trickster god Loki in Floki again. There are three possibilities here in this scene. Floki turns himself into a dog as shape shifter, second could be it was a distraction set up by Floki his son the wolf changed in a dog Fenrir or it could be the disguise of Floki in the story of Freyr and Byggvir where Loki disguised himself into a dog. The dog distracts Rollo from Floki. Floki could pass him without getting noticed although I do think Rollo and Ragnar knew about Floki´s plan. But there I am not sure. Rollo´s reaction is kind of strange when the dog is left. It seems it vanished into nothing.  


vrijdag 27 maart 2015

Vikings season 3 'Born Again' With huge spoilers

(A&E) From website EW

Hail Vikings Fans,

In the sand of the beach of Kattegat they have drawn the Seine and they have an island called Paris on a hill.

They have this huge walls (stones) and a bridge (stone) after this drawing.
What we see is that Rollo look at the same drawing and tries to understand how to enter Paris or is planning a warriors plan.

We go to see a wanderer who told about England that knows exactly how to enter Paris. 
The team that will raid Paris will be bigger than King Ragnar thought off.
It include Earl Kalf (not officially an Earl), Earl Sigfrid, Erlendur (son of King Horik) and Torvi who arrive at Kattegat.

The news of the settlement arrives in Kattegat. Floki is trying to warn Ragnar that the gods are angry with them. Ragnar tells him that it is Ragnar to blame for the anger of the gods. 
We have 2 new-born babies. One in Wessex and one in Kattegat. Porunn gives birth to  a girl called Siggy  after the died Siggy who saved Ragnar children. In Wessex the child is born from Athelstan and Judith get a boy Alfred that will be Baptized. King Eckbert thinks the child will be special because he sees Athelstan as a holy men.

Then we have Athelstan who sees the light and throws him back on the ground. After that he will be born again with only one belief. He baptized himself like the holy bible story of John the Baptist. Then he throws away the secret arm ring. After that he goes to Ragnar and tells him he is Christian again and want to leave Kattegat.

After this something happens between the two gods (Odin and Christ). One decided (Floki) to kill the other (Athelstan). After this we get an incredible scene between Ragnar and the dead Athelstan. Last but not least we see a Christian ritual preformed by Ragnar that will put us back into season 1 of Vikings where Athelstan does the same ritual.  


donderdag 26 maart 2015

Vikings season 4 announced


Hail Vikings fans,

Today the exciting news finally came out there will be a season 4. After this exciting news I also read a tweet by someone of the cast that it was already spoiled. It wasn´t me who actually spoiled it. History Channel failed to keep it secret because they asked for extra´s before they even told the news of this new season, also director Helen Shaver told some of the Vikings cast that she will be directing the second block of next season.
So no secrets there the only secret that will keep us until the end of this season is who will survive Paris or who survives this season. I think that with this in mind we could say we see Vikings (new or still) raiding Paris because Michael Hirst talked about that in past interviews.


Tomorrow you could chat on Facebook with Athelstan (George Blagden) there is an Q and A planned for him at 6:30 PM EST


woensdag 25 maart 2015

Vikings board game Catalyst Game Labs


Today Catalyst Game Labs announced the first pictures of a new Vikings board game.
The game will involved cards.
There are a few examples on their own blog.


The blog will bring regular updates and they will cover the journey in time for making this game.
To be continued.........


vrijdag 20 maart 2015

Vikings season 3 'The Upsurper' with spoilers


Wow what an amazing episode with all kind of emotion. This episode I like most of the season 3 so far. I see things got settled in many ways. Explanation is the answer to all of our questions and after last episode it became very clear to me that this could be an answering episode in many ways. How would Rollo react on the dead of Siggy? Was 'The Wanderer' Harbard Odin or was it someone else? How would Floki think about this happened in Kattegat? Some of you where wondering if Siggy really died last episode.

We start with Ragnar, Athelstan and (the jealousy or curiosity) of Floki. I don't know if this is jealousy from Floki I think Floki hates Christianity in many ways. Why wouldn't he be after all he is one of the pagans or the way I like to call him Loki the trickster god bound in a human body. Back to Ragnar and Athelstan, the way Athelstan tells Ragnar about Paris. How he knows that they have great woman and if he had settled there he wouldn't be a monk. Ragnar seems to feel that Athelstan is changing. They talk about marriage, children. If it wasn't for the children Ragnar would leave Kattegat to never return.

They welcome everyone back in Kattegat the first thing that happened is that Aslaug tells Ragnar and Rollo what happened to Siggy. The most powerful scene at that moment is that Rollo for the first time is shouting for Siggy. Why where the men so happy back home? How painful it is for him to find out Siggy is gone. At the same moment we see that Ragnar despise Aslaug for leaving the children and poor Helga who think she is doing her best to protect Aslaug and the children for Ragnar. 

After this something happened the bad habit of Rollo overshadows his well-being. He started to get drunk again. So that is one of his weaknesses but believe me he will conquer and face the truth after he saw the seer. But first he fought with Bjorn he wants to get hurt then he doesn't have to feel the loss. He thinks it is his fold she died. He didn't treat her well. A human dilemma after the hurt she did when meeting with King Horik in season 2. I think Rollo never expected that he went away angry with her. He didn't have a proper goodbye. Sometimes life takes us somewhere unexpected. Bjorn otherwise try to protect Rollo from being killed by the other men. I was happy to see he is willing to do so. Bjorn is one of the many who see something different into Rollo the way Siggy saw, the way Rollo will not see if he stays drunk.

So I told you there is a lot of explanation going on in this episode and that brings me to the scene where Floki and Helga are in. Helga tells Floki what really happened between Siggy, Aslaug and the Wanderer Harbard. When Floki hears this he started to think the way I thought. Harbard is Odin. When Helga finished her story about Harbard he tells her he will tell Ragnar. He is protecting her because he knows Ragnar would take advice from him not from Helga. But he also tells her that Siggy been sacrificed for new life. Is Aslaug carrying the new life Floki is telling about or is it pour Judith and Athelstan's child it is referring too.

We see both Ragnar and Rollo at the seer. Ragnar if he conquer Paris. Then the seer tells him about a treaty with a princess and a bear. First I tought it would be Bjorn this bear but after a while he told Rollo the same story. So the bear could be Rollo because it is some of his history background. The funny thing here is that he is taking Ragnar the serious way and told him what he wanted to hear. Rollo on the other hand is trying to find out how long he is still alive but in return he is laugh at by the seer. Rollo still thinks he is useless. He is full off anger and tells us what we wanted to know why he is that angry. His father, mother and Lagertha chose Ragnar above him. He failed them and Siggy in a way that is how he feels. 

Kalf, Kalf, Kalf what have you done, I ask myself. Earl Kalf because you lived there your whole life. Still want to marry Lagertha after you betrayed her. You think she will fall for that? Maybe eventually but for now you where stupid enough to ask. Where are you up to and are you going on an adventure to Paris invited by King Ragnar. I am not sure what to think of you and where was the son of King Horik and wife of Jarl Borg in this episode? Are they really going to show up?

What an episode this week I will leave you to find out more next week.


donderdag 19 maart 2015

Vikings open casting call


Hail Vikings,

Today I got this link http://extrasireland.com/vikings-season-4/ for the open casting call.
If you are willing to audition for our beloved series Vikings. They need a minimum of 8.000 new members of the family. All genders and nationalities are welcome. So there will be a next season and you could be in it so give it a try to find out your inner Viking.


zaterdag 14 maart 2015

Vikings season 3 'Scarred' with spoilers


This was the episode we where waiting for. A main character got killed in this episode. The speculations where high and never could we imagine what was going to happen. We all got it wrong but there is still 6 episodes to come so who knows what will happen (dead, treason, torture) next it is not yet the end of this season. Next week we are half way trough the season with a funeral coming up. With that said I will begin to say what a twist and turning is coming up this episode.

We start off in Kattegat with Aslaug who is very tired because Ivar is crying a lot because he is in pain. Aslaug gives up and want to go Siggy tried to stop here but Aslaug leave here children once again. She goes to the Wanderer. While she is away Siggy want to regain power or she want to have the memory back when she was wife of an earl.

The Wanderer tells us another myth who could be identified with Odin the Allfather. The myth he was telling is about Olaf his son High duke at that moment but will be king when he meets Odin in the myths. http://www.hwlongfellow.org/poems_poem.php?pid=2027 

A strange thing happens between Aethelwolf, Rollo and Floki. Rollo and Aethelwolf speak of friendship. Rollo needs to tell Floki why this is so important and here we see a Rollo who start his political career. We saw a little last episode of his politics but now we see more politics of him.

If we take Floki in this conversation he gives the blame to the baptism of Rollo who also makes him a christian. Floki is a men of gods.  He talks to them and they are angry. After a while Rollo talks about this conversation with Ragnar. Ragnar wants to challenge the gods. Rollo made up his mind and go to search for Floki to tell him that he will never let it come to that, another political decision he makes.

Lets talk about King Eckbert and his plan to rule Wessex, Mercia and I think he will rule Northumbria as well in time. He wasn´t prepared that Lagertha would go back and didn´t fall for his plan to let her stay. Athelstan is also one of the persons who will go back with Ragnar. King Eckbert told him that this is the wrong decision. Athelstan thinks he is wise to leave because he want to give Princess Judith the space to stay with Eathelwolf. I think in the end this is a wrong decision. To be continued.

The King Eckbert and Ragnar scene is a fun to watch I like the way they get a long with each other. They both love politics. they both love the same women, they know each other too well.
When Siggy goes after the two sons of Ragnar on the ice to save them once again (King Horik) it becomes her dead. I think she didn't know what the Wanderer was capable off. She distrusted him and went to the seer last episode and he couldn't do a thing for her.

In another piece of this episode we see that the Wanderer is there for people who suffer. He sees Aslaug, Ivar and Siggy suffer. So the Wanderer (Odin) told Helga and Aslaug that Siggy is in Valhalla. Most blogs I read where talking about that Siggy needed to go to Hellheim. I will stay with my decision that the Wanderer Odin in person took the decision to let her into Valhalla. Odin is the one who decide where the died would go.

And then the surprises of this episode Princess Kwindreth become a queen herself by poisoning her own brother. Also we have a return surprise from two characters. Erlundor son of King Horik is back with his wife Torvi the ex-wife of Jarl Borg who is dead due to the Blood Eagle and they had a child of Jarl Borg with them. Born after the dead of Jarl Borg. This is the backup for his own crowned Earl Kalf to get rid off the Lothbroks.


zaterdag 7 maart 2015

Vikings season 3 'Warrior's Fate' with spoilers


This episode of Vikings gave a lot of information about a lot of characters in the series. I loved this episode even more as the last one although the dead is very present this episode. In this episode we see lots of change coming up.

The first thing that pops into my mind is The wanderer Harbard what a performance if we look there is a no doubt about him that he is Odin. I will tell you why. If you look at wanderer there are four possible options. If you look at Harbard you will find out that it comes from Hackelberend. It is the name of Odin in disguise as wind-god but it could be another story a lover of Signy Harbard (Odin in disguise) who killed her brothers except for Sigmund. 

So the story about the giants and Thor he told the girls I wasn’t convinced yet I still had the idea that he would be Loki that is also a part that he killed his brother Otter also a myth by Sigurd or Thor because he could change to anything he liked and he was telling he was there and he asked who he where and the girls said Thor. 

Aslaug needs to know him because Sigmund is the father of Sigurd and Sigurd is the father of Aslaug.

About faith and believe there is  definitely a change in the ways the people believe in. Ragnar already believes in two gods. According to Floki Ragnar changed from gods already because it is Athelstan’s fault that Ragnar believes more in the Christian god. Floki thinks that it will make the gods upset.

What we also see is that the nobles want to have the shipbuilding secrets because they gave away the secrets of farming. But King Eckbert has a larger interest he wants Mercia and for that he needs Ragnar and the pagans.

Athelstan tries to convince King Eckbert, Princess Judith and the nobles to see what a ritual is the Viking way they agree but after the ritual the nobles want the pagans gone. The only mistake in the bathhouse our King Eckbert makes is that he thinks the Greek goddess is the same as the pagan one.

We see a lot of battles, one battle is extra ordinary because this battle twist a lot of characters around. Ragnar, Floki, Bjorn and Rollo have to face the dead of one also loved character. But after last weeks end we already could expect who was going to die. What can I say about our brave men Thorsten. When he sees Rollo something happen between those two. Only at that moment he choose to take Rollo to make decisions that Thorsten already had in mind. He want to die in an epic battle. When he climbed that mountain he already knew he would be the first on top of the hill. Ragnar knows why he chose to go alone on that mountaintop. He want to die as a champion and he did. I sat on the edge of my couch and watched it with greatness. What a champion and what a great brave warrior Thorsten was the time.

 Also an alliance would be broken. In this epic battle we found out that Aethelwolf son of King Eckbert will betray the brother of Princess Kwindreth. I thought they made a deal in last episode and Aethelwolf wouldn’t fight along these pagans.

Floki can’t except that he fight in a conflict that isn’t his it is Ragnar’s fault Thorsten is dead. But what happens next is more cruel than I expected from Ragnar. His own son needs him and what he does is tell him what he thinks about it. The part Rollo is playing in this situation is crucial. He gives Bjorn the real advice he needed.