vrijdag 18 december 2015

Vikings season 4 première

                                            Source: History Vikings

Hail Vikings,

I can officially say that Vikings season 4 will première on the 18th of February 2016 Thursday at 10 PM.

It will have 20 episodes so double the episode as we know before. Part 1 is 10 episodes and part 2 is 10 episodes.

(History Channel) and EW

The main players on the picture above are great. It is all again about betrayal. If I only look at the picture there is a lot going on. There you can see a Christian believe in the picture. Floki and Bjorn is most interesting. I think Ivar, Aslaug and Floki will betray Ragnar with the help of Bjorn. Although Bjorn asked for the arrest of Floki I think he only did it because Ragnar asked Bjorn to do it.
Bjorn and Floki the guarded and the guardian angel. Floki believes in the gods and has been faithful to Bjorn. Or will Ivar rule the table?  

Rollo and Kalf are almost with the back to each other. Rollo knows Kalf and Lagertha like one another. He has a totally different live so he has changed a lot. He turns his back to all what is old next to him his new wife who absolutely will try to kill him because she doesn't like him at all. In the trailer, she got a knife does she have the guts to kill him or is Rollo up to something else? 

We have two kings on the picture Ragnar still has issues to settle with King Eckbert but will he survive another journey to Wessex? Will he even make Kattegat in time? What about Paris will he see his brother Rollo again? All questions we will be given trough the season.

The relationship between Judith, King Eckbert and Aethelwulf seems different. The Wessex family torn apart. King Eckbert and Judith seem to have different agenda. Judith look fond of her father in law where King Eckbert only thinks about his self.

What will happen if Athelstan totally take control in Ragnar mind will it drive Ragnar crazy in the believe of Christianity or will he die a pagan. Ragnar will be in control of the outcome of Floki, Bjorn, Lagertha and Kalf. I think we will see Lagertha rule in Kattegat but will it be with Kalf and will Bjorn approve the relationship between Kalf and Lagertha. Tension will arise between Lagertha, Kalf and Ragnar that is for sure maybe Bjorn place is there to have the old family finally back together. 

The dead play of Ragnar in season 3 and the people who told them their deepest secrets are in trouble. He heard them when he was inside the coffin. What we know is that the relationships will never be the same. The confessions by Floki, Rollo and Lagertha will take his toll is an advantage Ragnar.  

Below the Vikings music played live for the International TV series Gala. Got this from Clive Standen's Twitter. To get in the mood for the new season.

FMF 2015: International TV Series Gala: Vikings suite, Trevor Morris