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VIKINGS: Little Q and A with Kwindreth (Amy Bailey) after '...

VIKINGS: Little Q and A with Kwindreth (Amy Bailey) after '...: http://vikings.wikia.com/wiki/Kwenthrith Hail Vikings, I had to ask a few questions to Amy Bailey (Kwindreth). We know Kwindreth...

Little Q and A with Kwindreth (Amy Bailey) after 'Portage'

Hail Vikings,

I had to ask a few questions to Amy Bailey (Kwindreth).

We know Kwindreth died this episode by a backstab but why did she have to leave. As it turns out because of her own pregnancy (7 months) she had to leave the cast of Vikings, and there was at that moment no purpose to Kwindreth anymore because she has lost everything (Michael Hirst his words).

I hate to see Kwindreth go but is there a possibility to come back for a few times like 
Athelstan did? In the dreams of King Eckbert or Judith?

Amy: "That's up to Michael Hirst."

What is your favorite scene you have played?

Amy: "Mercian tower fight scene."

If you could choose for another one's role in Vikings who would you choose and why?

Amy: "King Eckbert or Floki. I like their unpredictability."

Do you think Magnus will be a great player in defeating King Eckbert and Alfred?

Amy: "I know but I can't say." 

VIKINGS: Season 4 premiere Vikings: Portage with SPOILERS

VIKINGS: Season 4 premiere Vikings: Portage with SPOILERS: (Photo credit: Bernard Walsh History Channel) Hail Vikings, Although we see King Finehair complain to Lagertha the one thing I ...

Season 4 premiere Vikings: Portage with SPOILERS

(Photo credit: Bernard Walsh History Channel)

Hail Vikings,

Although we see King Finehair complain to Lagertha the one thing I don't understand is why he did this to Lagertha. Lagertha knows Ragnar will come up with a plan but also knows King Finehair is right about that someone must pay. He really showed his different faces today. There are so many things in that episode that give me a lot of thought, though.
King Finehair knows that he didn't have to do that to Lagertha and even the slithering mood he has towards Ragnar when he told the plan. 

(Photo credit: Jonathan Hession History Channel)

In the one he is trying to convince Lagertha that someone needs to pay for this defeat, however, he is convincing Ragnar he did a great job. I don't know about you but King Finehair is someone we cannot trust. I agree with Bjorn that this defeat weakens the Lothbroks in general. And if looks could die Bjorn wouldn't be there anymore. The dead is something role leading in this episode although we don't know what is yet to come. The dead foreseen by Torvi is something to think about as well is it foreseen or is it just a dream.

That brings me to the treason of Count Oddo. Although the Emperor wants to reward Oddo for his part of the retreat of Ragnar and his army Oddo wants to rule out Rollo because it was a feud between the brothers. That Christianity is a joke to Rollo we have seen in several episodes in season 2 and 3. But this season I doubt that we see major changes to Rollo since he had his destiny by the seer. Oddo orders the arrest of Rollo before he can raise an army or escape Paris. What happened next to Oddo is that he commit high treason and taken care of by Therese first who ask him to turn the roles between them. He got a well-deserved punishment from Roland. Rollo is becoming a dad, Gisla announced her pregnancy to her father the Emperor at the meal. After the meal, we see the Emperor take the Iron hand of Frankia and gives it to Rollo.
(Photo credit: Jonathan Hession History Chanel)

We see another pregnancy in this episode in Wessex here we have Kwindreth who announced that she is pregnant from Aethelwulf. Something that change lot of things. When Kwindreth finds out what her Family and King Eckbert have done she is furious and wants to regain power. By trying to escape the castle of the King she got captured together with Magnus. Before she tries to escape she asks Judith to help her. Something I wouldn't expect. Kwindreth the always fighting and do it your own way Queen of Mercia. She sees in Judith an ally and friend. This also means that Eckbert needs to fear his life because you never know with Kwindreth. She does attack Eckbert so that Judith stabbing her in her back she is one of the three/four/five dead's in this episodes. ~

Ragnar has a genius plan when he comes to lift the boats carrying them around the defence towers and then drive upstream to Paris. If Floki agrees to build the lifts and the carriage of the boats the problem of being defeated gone by Finehair and Halfdan. We see also that Helga is alive. She tells Floki not to die. While camping on the mountain there is a little beach on that beach we see Yidu and Ragnar while Ragnar wants medicine from her he threatens her. Yidu, however, wants to betray his secret. If she ever were a princess we know now that she won't live long if you betray Ragnar like that. Ragnar drowns her in front of his own children. 

Last but not least Harbard. The wanderer who tells everyone that he loves them. After Aslaug finds out about him sleeping with other women her jealousy starts to make her way. She is angry, she thought she could possess him and still she knew she wouldn't have him alone. Harbard places her in a place she doesn't want. I was thinking about Harbard and his double role. He tells her he could hear her scream over empty oceans. But he also tells her he could heal and prophecies. He is holy and have concurred all the sins of the world. When he told her that I was thinking about religion change. He could be changing from the God Odin into the one God on earth we knew as Jesus. This is some what different approach to the religion change of that time. We know the pagan religion is changing into Christianity. Odin could also heal and prophecies. *

~ Kwindreth

* Harbard

@ Ragnar's plan


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VIKINGS: The mythology I found in ´The Profit and the Loss´...

VIKINGS: The mythology I found in ´The Profit and the Loss´...: http://vikings-omg.tumblr.com/page/2 Hail Vikings, I will start with the conversation between Harbard and Aslaug. Aslaug asks w...

The mythology I found in ´The Profit and the Loss´ with SPOILERS


Hail Vikings,

I will start with the conversation between Harbard and Aslaug. Aslaug asks where Harbard has been. When he tells her I walked trough many worlds of the living and dead. Harbard reverses to Odin who was able to rule over the living and dead. So Harbard is Odin in this conversation. When Aslaug asks him about why he came back he knew she was suffering. He thought Ragnar was dead or away. She tells her about Ragnar's punishment because of what happened to Siggy and what happened to the children. He could also bring Aslaug the news of Ragnar's dead or a new believe change on its way. He is certainly trouble.

In the scene with all the women and Harbard, he is a seer and Odin because he announce that she will have three children. The other woman tells him he is a holy man who is close to the gods. He is Odin there again. When he goes into the women's house he is Odin as well. Odin is known of his affairs and marriages to different women.

Floki, Aslaug and Harbard threesome. What they did here is something wonderful Floki who could be the new seer as we saw in an earlier episode and sees the betrayal of Aslaug with 
Harbard or it is the reference to Harbard (Odin) and Floki (Loki) as blood brothers or even suggest by Viktor Rydberg that Odin and Loki are the same. It is fascinating to see that this crossover between the three of them is so pure and connected that even in a moment I believed Aslaug was a god herself but I can't tell you at this moment if she is one and if she is who she is. I can see a conflicted Floki for sure. 

What we also could tell in the same scene is that Aslaug could be the warning to Floki that Helga couldn't be saved by him. Harbard could also tell trough Aslaug that Helga is going to die and prepare him for a new wife in Aslaug. It could also be that Aslaug becomes the new wife of Floki in the future. Aslaug could be comforting him in that moment. Maybe Aslaug could see Floki's future.#

When I was looking for information on the Rhyme Rollo was giving to us on the siege tower to find out that it was a Skald performed by a man called Þórir Jökull Steinfinnsson but more surprises came when I found out it was for Thor warriors. Maybe that is why we hear thunder before and after the siege. Could it be that Rollo is also a hidden god in the form of Thor? I read on a blog this same rhyme can found in season 1 episode 4 but I can't find it back in that episode. We can also see that this means there is still a Viking within Rollo. &


If we take Mercia even there we can find mythology in the Mausoleum the Queen with the cut of tongue and breasts takes us to Queen Off and the story of Beowulf (Norse mythology and Tolkien). Wixton is not yet a saint. The mythology tells that Wixton is a Saint because when he died a few miracles happened in the tomb of the mausoleum.

Even Yidu brings us to the Norse Goddess Seidhr. Seidhr is responsible for the poisoning of men's mind even that from Odin. Yidu's medicine are poisoning Ragnar's mind. ^

# Floki/Harbard

& Rollo’s Warcry

$ Mausoleum Mercia

$ Beowulf


VIKINGS: Season 4 premiere Vikings: The Profit and the Loss...

VIKINGS: Season 4 premiere Vikings: The Profit and the Loss...: Photo credit: Jonathan Hession History Channel Hail Vikings, In order to tell you what is going to happen is that this blog for th...

Season 4 premiere Vikings: The Profit and the Loss with SPOILERS

Photo credit: Jonathan Hession History Channel

Hail Vikings,

In order to tell you what is going to happen is that this blog for the first time will be split in a blog you are known off me. In an hour, another blog will appear same episode but with the mythology found in this episode. I did this because otherwise the blog would be too big. I will reference to it in this blog.

We see a lot of things happen in this episode. Let me first take you to the great battle scene Rollo is up in a tower and oversees everything from that tower. The boats Ragnar´s army and by foot Lagertha´s army who both try to attack Paris. Rollo knows how his brother strategy and probably already knew that he would be attacked by land and sea. Although the focus is more on the sea we see different strategies. The plan to get a chain between the towers and that would lead to the overturn of boats was great to see. Although the fire arrows let many boats fire there is one boat that stays in normal balance the one where Ragnar is on. The surprising thing was when Ragnar saves Floki, something Floki definitely didn´t expect. That Ragnar both King Harald and his brother Halfdan saves is also something remarkable. He knows the ideas of these two. #

Photo credit: Jonathan Hession History Channel

When we go to Lagertha foot army we see that Rollo has seen her and enclose her from behind. After she retreated Gisla wants to meet her she wants to know more about the female Viking warriors. If that is going to happen it will be when Ragnar is dead and Bjorn is not around. That is my idea because otherwise Rollo got killed for his treason. Was the enclosure by Roland´s army who destroyed the camp where Helga, Yidu, Ubbe and Hvitserk are. Later we found out that Yidu, Ubbe, and Hvitserk are alive and we see a heavenly wounded Helga found by King Harald. Will she make it or is she going to die something that needs to be answered in the next few episodes?  

In Wessex, we see the departure of King Eckbert to Mercia. (&) When he arrives in the mausoleum he meet the person W. aka Wixton. Wixton wants to stabilize Mercia as well and offers King Eckbert the crown of Mercia in return he needs to defeat the army who has concurred Mercia.  Wixton wants his dead or a pilgrimage to Rome as a common beggar. 

I will only say this about Harbard and Aslaug and Sigurd it was an awkward scene one also the scene with Floki, Aslaug, and Harbard. Also, Rollo's war cry and other things I find for you. I will tell you all about that in my other blog about the mythology and the findings I got in store for you later.

#Battlescene Frankia and Ragnar´s army


& Mercia

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VIKINGS: Season 4 premiere Vikings: What might have been wi...

VIKINGS: Season 4 premiere Vikings: What might have been wi...: Photo credit: Bernard Walsh History Channel Hail Vikings, We start with a ritual performed by Lagertha before Kalf's stone shi...

Season 4 premiere Vikings: What might have been with SPOILERS

Photo credit: Bernard Walsh History Channel

Hail Vikings,

We start with a ritual performed by Lagertha before Kalf's stone ship grave.* Erlendur comes to her to ask why she killed Kalf. She tells him about the promise to reclaim her Earldom. Now Kalf is dead Erlendur is free to leave Hedeby but he insist on staying because he wants to go to Paris once more. He can come with Lagertha only if he doesn't feel bothered by a women's boat. 

Ragnar is celebrating with a feast and announce the raids to Paris will begin in three weeks. After that, he does the ritual of the arm rings and both Ubbe and Hvitserk get their arms ring. Ragnar tells Aslaug he takes the two boys with them to Paris to watch and learn. Just what he did with Bjorn he takes the children away from their mother although both Lagertha with Bjorn, Aslaug with Ubbe and Hvitserk tells him that they are too young. For Aslaug it is slightly different everyone knows what happened last season with the boys when Aslaug wasn't watching.

In Wessex, we have a slightly different turn where King Eckbert decide to give Alfred a pilgrimage to Rome. & He sends Aethelwolf with Alfred to Rome. This discomfort both Eathelwolf and Queen Kwindreth he is away for a long time so he isn't with his mistress. Judith finds herself in grief and joy. Grief because she is losing Alfred for a long time and joy because she has the kingdom of her father in law when Eathelwolf isn't around.

Yidu wants to come with Ragnar to Paris. She speaks the language and if Ragnar needs medicine she will get it for him. He asks her when will I die and the Seer answers him. Does he know that he will die on this journey? They leave Kattegat with many boats when we find out that Floki is on the boat of his new friends Finehair and Halfdan. Bjorn tells Torvi about the berserker.

Photo credit: Bernard Walsh History Channel

The scene with Sigurd and Siggy is very interesting but also Ivar and the breastfeeding Aslaug. Siggy is always dirty according to Sigurd. The only reason I can think about Aslaug breastfeeding Ivar is that she thinks he will be stronger. Maybe there is something else about that scene. I just can't put my finger on it just yet.

The boats reach Paris to see a Frankish checkpoint. They kill, capture and burn them although this was not Ragnar's idea it was Finehair what we see is that Erlendur joins, Floki watched while he give the torches around. Lagertha gives Ragnar a warning because he is acting like a husband. 
Photo credit: Jonathan Hession History Channel

In Paris, the Emperor asks Rollo once more to not switch side. Rollo tells him he will keep his oath. Therese is fishing information from count Oddo something he falls for and decided to give the high treason plan to her. He thinks he doesn't need Rollo and plea for a coupé against the crown. ^

Bjorn seems surprised that the camp from Rollo isn't there. After that, the medicine kick in and Ragnar has a flashback to the old days when Bjorn, Gyda, Athelstan, Lagertha and Ragnar were a family together.

Photo credit: Bernard Walsh History Channel

Harbard is back in Kattegat to release Aslaug from the burden because she needs someone to talk to. She brings him to Ivar who seems to recognise him although he was very young a couple of months when they first met. What I see in that scene is that he has the same laugh as Floki that time. Floki who teach him.

Rollo stands in the frontline with a small army and Erlendur but also Ragnar and Bjorn recognise him. Bjorn calls something to him. 



^Count Oddo

& Alfred

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Season 4 premiere Vikings: Promised with SPOILERS

(Photo credit: Jonathan Hession History Channel)

Hail Vikings,

We start in Hedeby today with a very interesting conversation between Erlendur and Kalf. While Lagertha is training her own warriors for what is to come. She sees what happens between Kalf and Erlendur. Does she know what they did with the berserker? With the conversation between Kalf and Erlendur, we know they are afraid of the consequences if Lagertha finds out.  In the meanwhile, we see that Erlendur modified the crossbow of the Franks so when they go back to Paris they don't know what will happen to them. Why did Erlendur let Torvi leave because he thinks he has eyes and ears in the Lothbrok household. He did this to get to know the strength and weakness of them. Otherwise, he will kill his own child.

When Lagertha walks to Kalf and Erlendur to find out what is happening between the two of them Kalf surprises her with the answer. Lagertha does have a surprise for Kalf she is carrying his child. I am not sure if it is the case but we will find out soon enough I think. Lagertha is above joy by this I can imagine this because if they told you once you can't have children anymore, you are above joy to have one. Kalf wants her to marry him. She leaves the answer in the middle.  

(Photo credit: Bernard Walsh History Channel)

Bjorn and Ragnar however, do talk about being a father and husband. Bjorn finds it too painful to take care of Siggy and took Torvi away from her child. Bjorn tells Ragnar that he did the same, Ragnar tells him otherwise Lagertha left him, Bjorn left him. Ragnar tells Bjorn that he thinks he failed as a father but more as a husband. Husband true but father I don't know about that. 

Ragnar and Bjorn together don't trust Finehair. When Bjorn ask Finehair how many boats and warriors are on their way to Kattegat he tells him 20 boats and 600 warriors.   
Ragnar and Bjorn together don't trust Finehair. When Bjorn ask Finehair how many boats and warriors are on their way to Kattegat he tells him 20 boats and 600 warriors soon to arrive with his brother Halfdan.# Bjorn pointed out to Finehair that even with fame his small kingdom would not be bigger because of that fame. 

(Photo credit: Jonathan Hession History Channel)
When Halfdan arrives there is a feast at that feast attends Floki with Helga the hall silenced by it.Halfdan asks for King Finehair to join them at the table. When Halfdan talks about Floki's famous boats who changed their world and Ragnar's fame comes trough Floki he asks why Floki is an outlaw. The answer is simple to Floki but Helga doesn't want to hear it.

In Wessex, they are going to make a deal for Mercia to restore the peace in the country. King Eckbert asks about W and if his warrior found out who that is. Queen Kwindreth tells him that is Wixton and he is not part of a group his attention is only personal and so not be trusted. King Aella wants to know what she suggests: raise an army, invade Mercia and concur because she wants her crown back. Aethelwolf agrees with her. King Eckbert agrees to take her advice. Judith changed since she is free and educated. In her I see the power to resist every threat Aethelwolf brings to her. In this scene, we find out the wife of King Eckbert died during childbirth and he isn't allowed to marry anyone else because of an oath.   
Paris we see different things happen. Gisla doesn't trust count Oddo, Rollo who tells him that everything will happen in Paris and no matter what happen they need to defend Paris at all costs. Roland and Therese tell the Emperor of the ambitious Oddo, Gisla who wants Rollo to get more and more power, Roland wants the place of Oddo about ambitious speaking. We see the Emperor who doesn't trust Therese or is he afraid of her. Time will tell what happened to the both of them or was it because he thinks she is a whore.  

Yidu and Ragnar are together again she tells about China and the Emperor. She tells about the concubines and the Eunuch the men who are no men in the forbidden city.$ At first she tells Ragnar her father is a merchant with enough money to have a boat in possession later in the episode we find out she is the daughter of the Emperor. Also, we find out that Ragnar has a big burden of what happened to the settlement in Wessex episode 5 and 6 seasons 3 . No one knows except Yidu because he tells her about the burden. He tells her he doesn't want to go back to Paris, He has lost desire and strength he is much older now.    

(Photo credit: Jonathan Hession History Channel)
While preparations for the wedding are on their way in Hedeby she is almost done when Kalf visit his bride. While Lagertha is distracting him she delivers Kalf the promise she made to him before they went to Paris, for stealing her earldom of Hedeby. She kills him. Although he died in her hands Kalfs love for her is true and wasn't a distraction for her.    

The last thing I want to point out is the scene where Ivar* kills a child. Aslaug who tells him and comfort him after killing the child. It was shocking. He was six so I could imagine what a mother like Aslaug would do. I do know the age of Ivar because Aslaug told it on twitter (Alyssa Sutherland). It happened because he knew because of strength if the game had during longer. He did it out of an impulse. Is there consequences to it I do hope so but it would be bought off because it is the child of a king.      

$ Yidu piece

# Halfdan