donderdag 22 januari 2015

Extended version Vikings Trailer season 3

All I have to say is that I love this trailer so much.
I had to see it several times to see what is going on.
I am way too excited, I want to see this season 3 so bad and I need to wait longer than you guys. I cannot wait for this.
How about the music I love the music of this trailer it tells us that this is a different time a darker one then before.
What we see is the battle between father and Son. The Son who want to do something else than where his father wish for. The battle between feelings and wisdom. strategy, power play and betrayal. A seer who see the future. Lagertha who is asking about her dead.
What we see in this piece of the trailer is very important. It tells us a lot of what will be happening. A couple of phrases I would like to take out of this meeting between the seer and Lagertha.
About the mythology use in this trailer. There is more mythology coming your way. If we look closer to the phrases said in the trailer we found out that there going to mix greek mythology with Nordic mythology. I will get a few phrases out. The marble city is that Rome, the Taj Mahal or Greece we are talking about? If we take Greece it is Athens or about the Greek goddess Athena. If we talk about Rome it where the buildings of that time.
  • The first phrase is I see a harvest with Blood this could go with the story of Ivar the boneless and tells us about The Vengeance for more information see
  • The second one is city of marble This could be either Rome or Athens but also the Taj Mahal associated with this city of marble. If it is Athens it will be a mixture of Nordic and Greece Mythology. It is about Athena.
  • The third is about burning brawling ocean and that is a funeral of that time. We know already that someone is going to die. 
We see Floki embodied more and more as Loki. How do you know you might wonder.
  • Eckbert in the trailer tells us about truly April (Loki 's favourite day is april fools day)
  • If we see Ragnar hurt by the spear thrown by someone unknown for this moment (If Floki made this spear it has to do with Baldr and Loki mythology) Is this why Floki is holding a crown (is Floki seeking for power?)
  • We attack Paris, Tricks are worse (Trickster Loki)
  • Floki and the trees (blood brothers Odin/Loki or both made from Yggdrasil) Or is he trying to trap or save someone with the trees
  • Floki tells Ragnar how many must die for the Christian he is not amused with Athelstan
Is Loki bound in human from Floki?
Will they give answers to the questions
  • Who is going to leave Ragnar?
  • Who is going to Walhalla or heaven is someone going to die and at the end will this be Ragnar or Lagertha who is going to ask it to The seer? Or someone else.
  • Why is Ragnar that angry with Helga?
This trailer also tell there are more confusing things. If you saw both trailers the one from comic con and the one we see now there is a lot of difference. Some of it is the same but every new character is already introduced except for one the daughter of the France King.


vrijdag 2 januari 2015

Vikings raid again in third promo for season 3

Hail Vikings,
Hope you had a great Yule time. During Yule time History Channel came with a third promo shot which included above.
I cannot wait for the new season. Lets get ready to raid again on the 19 February.