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SPOILERS Ragnar season 4 part 1 recap


Hail Vikings,

When Ragnar left Paris in season 3 he was between life and death. When we meet Ragnar again in seasons 4 première he is still not awake and in bed. While waking up later that episode and realise that Bjorn arrested Floki he isn't so pleased that he was absent for a while. He found Bjorn stupid in two ways as Bjorn want to go out into the wilderness to find himself, and the arrested of Floki.

When Ubbe arrested Floki for the second time the children of Ragnar give him an unwanted situation so he bound Floki in a cave. He visits Helga and her daughter to get them some food. Later we see Helga and Ragnar with the body of Angrboda. They both lost a child now. They both suffer by the ideas of Floki.We see Ragnar free Floki in the third episode because Helga suffered enough. 

Ragnar also meet Yidu. He and Yidu share the same burden. And those scenes are the ones he starts to use a medicine to comfort his pain and get rest to his mind. King Finehair comes to Kattegat and during the Yol celebrations, Ragnar tells Yidu his biggest secret.
We see the father/husband talk between Ragnar and Bjorn and they both don't trust King Finehair.  

Ragnar now on the medicine of Yidu gets major flashbacks with Lagertha, Gyda, Bjorn and Athelstan this happens underway to Paris. When the first fight between Ragnar and Rollo set sail. The one before the towers he got defeated. When Ragnar sails back to the place they have a camp he can hide for a while. Due to an attack on the camp, he sees his children because they were hiding.
When Yidu blackmailed him he drowned her in front of his children (Ubbe and Hvitserk) nearby Paris.

They leave the camp to camp up a hill. Genius as Ragnar is he lift the boats up to the hill and walked the boats after the towers to get them in the river again. While doing so he has changed strategy and at first, he wins the first battle but when Rollo attacks the second time it ended up in a fight between brothers. This fight gets undecided because Lagertha gets wounded. After this had happened the fight stops and Rollo lets Ragnar get away back to Kattegat.

Back in Kattegat, he decided abandoned each and everyone by leaving Kattegat. When he is back in Kattegat it changed drastically. He sees his children grown up. Also, he feels he was not wanted anymore. He still is King and asks everybody who wants to kill him?   

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Vikings raiding San Diego Comic con


Hail Vikings,

Vikings will be at San Diego Comic-Con for the third year in a row. This event will take place on the 21-24 of July 2016. They are already sold out but if you have a ticket enjoy. In the first year of Comic-Con they had a boat race, the second year you could get all dressed like a Viking and got a small film audition. They also bring out a comic book every past year they did this especially for Comic-Con I don't know if it is going to be back this year. More information will follow they didn't announce what they will do and which of the cast is going. For last years panel check: http://www.history.com/shows/vikings/videos/vikings-comic-con-panel-2015?playlist_slug=vikings-season-4-curated-list

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VIKINGS: Vikings in The Netherlands

VIKINGS: Vikings in The Netherlands: Coin from Dorestadum Hail Vikings, I did some research about the Vikings in the Netherlands I went to Middelburg to the Zeeuwse...

VIKINGS: Vikings in The Netherlands

VIKINGS: Vikings in The Netherlands: Coin from Dorestadum Hail Vikings, I did some research about the Vikings in the Netherlands I went to Middelburg to the Zeeuwse...

Vikings in The Netherlands

Coin from Dorestadum

Hail Vikings,

I did some research about the Vikings in the Netherlands I went to Middelburg to the Zeeuwse Bibliotheek and found the most amazing books collection about Northmen and Vikings. I had some very old books in my hand. This blog will be mostly in English but also contain Dutch (one scald) and I will try to translate as much as I can. 

Today I went to Friesland and the Fries museum (Frisia in the Viking time) and Texel (Texla or Tesla in the Viking time). From Texel, I don't have much information but will be back soon. What I do know about Texel is that it is an isle now you can see on picture #1 it wasn't separate yet in the Viking time. I know they raid this place as well I am not sure what and why because I was there too short.  I haven't been to the Viking Information Centre in The Netherlands yet I have planned this trip very soon.

Today I start with a Dutch Skald I found in the search of the Vikings in The Netherlands.

Dutch version Skald:

De schepen kwamen uit het Noorden
Begerig naar strijd,
Met gapende dierenkoppen
Op de uitgesneden voorstevens
Gevuld waren ze met krijgers
En witte schilden,
Met speren uit Zuiderland
En Frankische zwaarden 

Translation by myself:

The ships came from the North
Eager for competition,
With yawn animal heads
At the gut and cure prow
Filled with warriors
And white shields,
With spear from Southland
And Frankish swords 

This is a scald from the attacks / raids the Vikings did in The Netherlands.
Some of the books I used are doubting that the Vikings even where in The Netherlands because they didn't find treasures yet and we only know mentions in foreign books but not in our own books from the Vikings. 

The view from the boat to Texel

It also suggests that there is a lot of history untold or hidden. But the books after the years 1997 until now do know that the Vikings in the Netherlands existed this is because the first Viking treasure was found in 1996 in Wieringen. The year linked to this is about 850 AD. Although we now know that the first raids were 689-695 AD in Dorestadum(Dorestad, Wijk bij Duurstede) these years are better known for the battle of Dorestadum. It was totally burned to the ground there was nothing left in that city.   

Why did the Vikings come to The Netherlands you may ask. They hunted bears, wild swine, and wild animals. They also loved our fur and salted cod. If there was no profit they sold the fur for big money to others to compensate the damage or the profit. 

During the Vikings period in The Netherlands, we know that there were three regions. those three regions are Frisia, Betua and Walcria now known as:

Frisia: Friesland, Noord-Holland (North-Holland), Zuid-Holland (South-Holland)  
Betua: De Betuwe region in Noord-Brabant (Northen-Brabant)    
Walacra: is an isle in Zealand Walcheren. 

Boat from Trajectum or Witaberg

We had three important cities at that time. Trajectum or Witaberg (Utrecht), Dorestadum (Dorestad now Wijk bij Duurstede) and Walacra (Isle Walcheren Zealand)

In the publication, I am using for this piece it tells us that the city Nijmegen called Nymegen or Numegen at that time it meant New megen (for megen is no translation know) it is possible that this was what the Vikings called Nyon but that could also be in Frankia now better known as France. People from the Betuwe were known as Bataven or Batavieren (Batavian). 

It is also said Noviomagus (Nijmegen) and Dorestadum (Wijk bij Duurstede) where nearby but that is also said from Dorestadum (Wijk bij Duurstede) and Trajectum (Utrecht). Almere was known as La Mer or La fleur (France or Frankish names)

Walacra was an isle the Vikings used this place as a den of robbers. It has two names in that time Den of robbers and Isle of strangers. The popularity by  the Vikings for this particular isle was because it said that during bad weather you couldn't see the isle and you couldn't see where the sea began or end I saw that today on the isle Texel as you can see on picture #1

From Walacra, you could go to Witla (doesn't exist anymore although it could be the isle of Schouwen also Zealand) Trajectum or Witaberg (Utrecht) and Dorestadum (Dorestad, Wijk bij Duurstede).

While Walacra was known as a place of robbers Dorestadum was known for his trade. Two sea routes were known from Dorestadum one to Scandinavia and one to England. Trajectum (Utrecht) was known for the churches and several peace treaties in return of land. One of the little churches in Trajectum (Utrecht) is known as The little church of Dilbert. 

In that time, we know three different coin makers. The FR Isunmarum, the ones from Dorestad and the DR Ide Demariën

#1 Map The Netherlands

We see raids in different cities in The Netherlands.
689-695 AD battle of Dorestadum
834, 835, 837 AD Dorestadum was attacked by the Vikings.
837, 839 AD Walacra and Witla were attacked
873 AD Oostergo
880-890 AD they raid Deventer, Zutphen, and Asselt (Limburg The Netherlands)
In 885 AD, there was an inventory list was made by the church.
1006 AD Tiel
1007 AD Utrecht

What we see in this time period is that the Vikings left and came back. In those periods, they didn't raid it could be that they concurred land or they could be found in Walacra and Dorestadum because we know there were settlements both on the isle and in the city. We do know that both Frisians and Vikings switched sides so it could be that they didn't raid and didn't left The Netherlands but settled here and stayed here to build boats, armies, trade, and do farming.

The one thing I kept questioning is how can I place Ragnar's sons into all of this or Ragnar himself. The answer is not that simple because The Netherlands was forked in Earldoms.
What we do know is that Rorik mentioned in the battle of Dorestad. Rorik is also mentioned to be accompanied with Ubbe, Halfdan and Inguar (Ivar the Boneless) not in that battle but in Frisia where the expeditions began for them to different directions. The Earldoms were given by Rorik at that time and all we know is that Ubbe was Earl from Frisia later called Duke. In the books, he is also linked with Walacra. 

The only question arises could Rorik be Ragnar? Why do you think I came across a very interesting story about Rorik I could be wrong because Ragnar died before 865 but it could be a twisted story or the dates were twisted I am not sure. 

In July 865 Pagus Isaliae (de Ijsselgouw area between the Lek river and the Ijssel river) it was just after the attacks of Paris by the Vikings Rorik came back in The Netherlands at that place and stayed there to repair ships and build a new army this one is also linked with Ubbe the Duke of the Frisian. In this defeat, Rorik disappeared from the books. The sources talk about:
  1. Possibly killed because of the defeat
  2. Ashamed by his raiding crew that he disappeared, or his crew killed him
  3. He had ashamed his own name and disappeared 
We saw this happening with Ragnar season 3 episode 10 and in season 4 episode 7 and episode 10. Or is it just the TV series that tried to put Ragnar in the history of Rorik with a different time. Like I said before it is all history and there was no written word yet by the Vikings. The books already suggest that they left stories out and put things into history.

Halfdan and Ivar went from Walacra to England. Ubbe has done many expeditions between England and The Netherlands from both Frisia and Walacra. He got defeated or it is also said he chased away in The Netherlands just before he attacked York together with Ivar 867 AD. There he was known as Ubbo dux Fresciorum or Ubbo dux Fresonum. So one fact we know is he was duke of Frisia.

Rollo is also mentioned in the books. He was in The Netherlands, and when duke he could have The Netherlands but rejected the country simply because when he first was there it was less land and a bit swampy. By the time he got it offered it had become more land then he was there the first time.

Fact The Netherlands was once attacked on four sides by the Vikings. One fleet from France, One fleet from Germany, One fleet from the North sea and one fleet from Belgium.


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VIKINGS: Ragnar's sons and The Netherlands

VIKINGS: Ragnar's sons and The Netherlands: Viking Raids The Netherlands http://www.laurentii.be/Voorgeschiedenis2.htm Bjorn Ironside was around 855 AD in The Netherlands was in...

Ragnar's sons and The Netherlands

Viking Raids The Netherlands http://www.laurentii.be/Voorgeschiedenis2.htm

Bjorn Ironside was around 855 AD in The Netherlands was in Walcheren together with the other brothers. Maastricht, Nijmegen, Dorestad, Tiel, Oosterbeek and Utrecht are the places Bjorn has been. Oosterbeek he was there as Bjorn with Ragnar I assume and not as Bjorn Ironside.

Defence The Netherlands http://www.leylijnen.com/ringwalburgenkust.htm

Funny fact is that they called Utrecht benedenstad (Downtown) and Dorestad bovenstad (Uptown). They are in real miles away from each other. He drifted into The Netherlands on his way back to Denmark 873 AD.  After he came in Frankia there are several stories about Bjorn. One said he died in Frankia another story says he had sworn an oath of fidelity to Charles the Bald. *   

In the year, 850 AD Ivar, Ubbe and Sigurd (Halfdan) are travelling to Walcheren Zealand the Netherlands before they went to raid England. All three of them with an own army. In England, they called them Scaldingi in Dutch Schelde-Vikings. Where Ivar took most of England and Ireland. Ubbe took over many places also the island Walcheren in Zealand The Netherlands.

When established here, he fought together with Ivar in England. Ubbe and his army were found most in the North Sea the sea between The Netherlands and England. In 865 AD they left Walcheren to fight in England. Karel the Bold took over Walcheren. According to the source I am using Rollo also came to Walcheren because of a storm, and established in 850 AD in Normandy. One year later Ubbe raided Yorvik (York) together with Ivar and the great heathen army for more than 15 years.   

Dutch Source: Vikingen Noormannen in de Lage Landen (Dutch) 
Noormannen in het rivierenland (Dutch) both books by Luit van der Tuuk 
* Link source (English)

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VIKINGS: Vikings: SPOILER behind the scenes post

VIKINGS: Vikings: SPOILER behind the scenes post: Source: Instagram Alex Høgh Andersen Hail Vikings, Here we see a training of Ivar and Hvitserk. A bit behind the scenes. Cou...

VIKINGS: Season 4 premiere Vikings: The Last Ship with SPOI...

VIKINGS: Season 4 premiere Vikings: The Last Ship with SPOI...:  (Photo credit: Jonathan Hession) Hail Vikings, This Midseason finale was epic. So epic that I was speechless and didn't know...

Vikings: SPOILER behind the scenes post

Source: Instagram Alex Høgh Andersen

Hail Vikings,

Here we see a training of Ivar and Hvitserk. A bit behind the scenes. Could be a spoiler. Source: from Alex himself. The next one we see is Ivar and Ubbe joking around on the set. The third behind the scene film is Hvitserk stunt training.

Source: Instagram Alex Høgh Andersen

If you want to follow the whole process from after the audition follow Ivar twitter @alex_h_andersen or Instagram alexhoeghandersen (Ivar)
Instagram jordan_patrick_smith (Ubbe)
Instagram marcoilsoe (Hvitserk)
Instagram dalindstrom (Sigurd)

Source Instgram: Marco Ilsø

Season 4 premiere Vikings: The Last Ship with SPOILERS

 (Photo credit: Jonathan Hession)

Hail Vikings,

This Midseason finale was epic. So epic that I was speechless and didn't know where to start. It took me a while to realise this is the last one before we have several moths to wait to see what happens to for instance Lagertha, King Finehair and his brother Halfdan. But let's start at the beginning of the episode.

The episode is all about the brother feud between Ragnar and Rollo, but wait there is more in this episode we see a time jump and meet our new grown-up sons of Ragnar.
We start with the battle between Ragnar and Rollo. Ragnar is there because he want to kill his brother for sure but is he able to do that? We have seen Ragnar very week and the drugs took his toll on him, but there is something else a burden that he has being King. Which one will take his toll the drugs or him being King?

 (Photo credit: Jonathan Hession)

The battles begin between Ragnar and Rollo with a great jump to each other. During this fight who in itself is already amazing. We see a good battle strategy from both sites. Ragnar has the front rows which are full of archers. What goes around comes around because he has arrows with fire now. Rollo, however, has a Griffin head boat that can cross the platform from Ragnar's attachments to the boats. Between the fight there are things happening between Floki and the seer do they become one, do they feel the same pain or is Floki turn into Odin/Harbard, or is the Seer slightly dying in that scene?

We see everyone hurt also Floki, Halfdan, Rollo, Ragnar but more important Lagertha while try to help Ragnar she still loves him. By this, it immediately stops the fight although Ragnar wants to attack Rollo again that same moment he pulled back in the boat to escape from the fight. Bjorn already brought the wounded Lagertha into the boat. Rollo let them get away. He stops the fight because the boat was still under attack he tells them to stop the fight.

Bjorn needs to tell his brothers. The brothers are now grown up and played by other actors we will not see the younger actors anymore. When Bjorn is at the cabin we meet the grown-up Ubbe, Hvitserk, and Sigurd at first after a few moments we meet Ivar. Then there is a conversation between the brothers there are a few who want to see Ragnar dead when he returns. He abandoned Kattegat but most of all his sons. The brothers are a bit jealous with Bjorn because he knows Ragnar the others not. I like that Ubbe wants to know his thinking and Ivar defends his father although he is the youngest of them all and hardly knew Ragnar. Bjorn thinks Ragnar broke quickly after leaving Paris and that he will never come back. Boy, he was wrong.

 (Photo credit: Jonathan Hession)

In Paris, we see that the Emperor is smarter than Roland and Therese think they end up dead after they were completely honest. The Emperor believes in Rollo. When Rollo concurred his brother he crowned Caesar. It did me think one thing for sure he had become a hero in Paris but with double feelings.

While sailing away from Paris we see a time jump when we arrive in Kattegat. The news that Magnus the son of Ragnar lives at the court of King Eckbert made Bjorn angry. The news about the settlement strikes more to him. He didn't know about that at all. 

 (Photo credit: https://www.instagram.com/marcoilsoe/)

When Bjorn and Floki meet we see mini boats in the water. I think Floki will make these boats grow after all Floki builds a lot and we don't know what he really is Seer, Odin, Loki, Harbard, healer or wizard. What I found funny about the scene is that he fooled Bjorn about the imaginary land of the Mediterranean seas. Where Bjorn is going Floki is going and if Floki wants to try Helga goes. *

When Ragnar returns to Kattegat we see a huge difference between the old and new Kattegat. There are more foreign sellers in Kattegat. we see it is bigger and it is definitely not the city Ragnar knew. While returning he finds out that he is no longer welcome. He finds his sons except for Bjorn. He wants to get killed so he is no longer king. He first starts with his sons who wants to kill him. It is the burden of defeat and responsibility that makes him like this. Is he blind on one eye? I am not sure. The episode stops when Ragnar is shouting: "Who wants to be King?"

*Bjorn and the Mediterranean Sea

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  11. http://www.jstor.org/stable/3737812?seq=1#page_scan_tab_contents 

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VIKINGS: New cast announced: The grown-up versions of Ragna...

VIKINGS: New cast announced: The grown-up versions of Ragna...: Hail Vikings, New cast members are announced on the 21st of April.  They are seen in next week's midseason finale. Due to a ...

New cast announced: The grown-up versions of Ragnar's sons

Hail Vikings,

New cast members are announced on the 21st of April. 
They are seen in next week's midseason finale. Due to a time jump, the sons of Ragnar are older so the young sons of Ragnar aren't there anymore. I have done some research on the characters they play and after the bio's you find links to the new main characters. The sons are played by the following actors:

Jordan Patrick Smith (Ubbe)

Jordan Patrick Smith was born in Scotland. Best known for his role in Neighbours, Unbroken, and The Ruins. 

Want to know more about Ubbe

Marco Islø is born in Denmark. Did several TV series and films like De Fazantenmoordenaars, Mikkel og guldkortet, Dannys dommedag, Klassefesten. 

David Lindstrom is an actor and played in Blå ögon and The yearning room.


Want to know more about Sigurd

Alex Høgh Andersen (Ivar)
Alex did study acting in Eventyrteateret drama school. He is now in University studying Film and Media and doing this next to acting. Best known TV series Tvillingerne og Julemanden


Want to know more about Ivar

General links with multiple sons of Ragnar

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