woensdag 26 november 2014

Hot news about Vikings season 3


Hail Vikings,

The raids of the Vikings will arrive a month earlier than expected.
Not March but February you need to put in your agendas.
Yesterday they did the last finishing touch for season 3, and boy are they excited as we are to see the result of season 3.

The wait is almost over and we can finally enjoy our beloved characters of Vikings.

What will happen next?
Will Floki betray another king?
Will Lagertha get married to Ragnar again or will she marry King Eckbert?
How are raids on Paris going to look like?
Who will die half way this season?
Will Bjorn marry Porunn?
Will Floki except his daughter?
Will there arrive new babies?
What about Auslaug?
Where is Princes Kwyndreth up to? 
What will happen to Athelstan?
Will Rollo be equal to his brother?
Will Floki be king?
Is Thorsten still alive?

It is up to the writers which questions are answered.
Until this happen I think they will reveal a couple of things I hope maybe a teaser trailer will come soon.
It will definitely be worth the wait.


dinsdag 11 november 2014

Shadowhunters: The Magnus Bane Chronicles audiobooks


Hey Shadowhunters,

I was able to listen to previews from the books published by Simon and Schuster.
They are short stories about the great warlock Magnus Bane and give more background information about Magnus Bane.
Magnus Bane is one of the main characters in The Mortal Instruments books. Written by Cassandra Clare.

The Magnus Bane Chronicles audiobooks are out with great voices.
Andrew Scott better know as Moriaty in Sherlock, George Blagden known as Athelstan from Vikings.

maandag 10 november 2014

Jarl the Vikings tile laying game by Catalyst game labs


Today Catalyst game labs showed us what the game will look like and revealed it will be coming spring 2015.
The design and board are like checkers and by moving around the board you could strategies to the victory.
It is a board game for two players.
It will take about 15-25 minutes to play. It is for 13 years of older age categorised.


Expectation I have on Vikings season 3

There came a lot of things in my mind when I saw the trailer for season 3. After seeing it for several times I can only expect the unexpected because this trailer shows a lot but don’t explain what is going on. But for what I could find in the trailer I will explain in this post.

In the trailer we see big battles. Much bigger than last years battles.

We see a body of Bjorn or Floki into the water lying still. It could be a trick to explore how near your enemy is in the water. It could be a way to trick your enemy into a battle. A battle strategy or a death I can’t figure it out yet.

Then we get the stones and bones I have explained it before this is what I wrote about it in an earlier stage but will repeat it in this one although nothing is sure I think about this scenario:

If you take Floki who is a trickster and named after the trickster god Loki. There is a story in Loki’s history with a couple of things in it who reference to what the seer says.

When Loki was in his darker sinister form he insulted the gods and fled. He made a house with three or four doors so when the gods went out looking for him he could escape through the doors. (three sides) Loki’s children Vali turned into a wolf and Narfi is killed by Vali this was necessary for bones to bound Loki on to a rock (stones and bones). This would mean that Floki would be the one who is going to die or at least bound.(1)

If we look to this differently the stones and bones tell us dead, waken up from dead or they tell us that the stones will decide what will go on. The bones will tell us the huge victories.

Then he goes on about one river the one who is from what we know as the north sea up to the Seine. Two shores this could be England and France if you have read the articles about what he said. It could be Iceland because we see Bjorn on a rocky scenery with snow and dressed in very warm clothes with a very cold face. At the end of the trailer we see both Ragnar and Bjorn on that same scenery.

Three sides I think they mean that everyone has three sides the side we like to choose, the side we didn’t want to choose and the one chosen for us. It could be de dark side in you, but also it could be the choice of religion. Three sides could mean power, justice and law. Or England, France and Iceland.

About splitting I think Ragnar will divorce Auslaug but it could be one of her children who will die in this series. It explains a lot of the alone with her in the trailer. Everyone is going its own way.

By joining I see a romance between Lagertha and King Eckbert. I think this will be a trick to get Eckbert on his knees when Ragnar want him too. In my opinion Lagertha will trick him into his own dead.

Rollo gets a journey of his own. Because we see Rollo shouting to the others in the boat. I think more of them will go alone on journeys each for itself.
The struggling will be for each person but the more for Athelstan I think divided between two or three gods Pagan, Christian and Catholic.

1  Norse Mythology A to Z Revised edition Kathleen N. Daly, revised by Marian Rengel ISBN 0-8160-5156-9