zaterdag 18 juli 2015

Floki as Loki through the seasons

Hail Vikings,

Today I want to compare Floki with Loki through the seasons of Vikings.
In the first season, we got our first introduction to Floki in the woods. He hears trees talk to know which one he needs to build a special longboat for Ragnar. Floki builds this longboat on his own island where no one from the earl can find out he is building it.

There is a story where Loki did not build a longboat himself, but the story looks like what the perfect Longboat made of. In The creation of Thor´s Hammer. We find out that dwarves build Loki a ship. That ship has the same building experience what we see with Floki´s longboat.

We also see Floki as healer together with his wife Helga to heal Ragnar from the wounds that almost killed Ragnar. In later seasons, we find out he knows more about herbs and the rest of nature that could help him save or could fake the dead of someone's live. He also hides Ragnar in his house for a while. 

Loki in Skrymsli and the peasant child tells us there was a peasant child who gambled away by his dad. The story is about hiding the child not be found. That is what Floki does for Ragnar because the earl must not find out Ragnar is still alive.

In the second season, Floki changes side a couple of times. In favor of who he likes. He conflicted with himself and Ragnar. Ragnar change to the other belief which he drawn into by Athelstan makes Floki the distrusted guy in a way. At the end of season two, we see him more and more conflicted he only believes that the gods of his religion is the one and only gods that exist. In the finale of that season, he tricks Jarl Borg and King Horik in his downfall. By protecting Helga and the newborn child, he pushes everyone away. 

If we take Loki´s story The kidnapping of Idun we see an almost similarity to the blood eagle we see Ragnar doing at Jarl Borg.  

In season three, we see a lot of things happening in Floki´s live. He kills Athelstan out of jealousy. He shapes shift into a dog to avoid Rollo. He is continuously in conflict by the gods and feel if the gods betrayed him.

Loki likes to shape shift a lot into different things, people or animal. Out of jealousy, he kills Baldur in the story The dead of Baldur. Is Athelstan Baldur In Floki's story? After that he will be bound in the story Loki´s bounding.

That brings us to this seasons, four expectations about Floki. When I saw the trailer and saw him in chains and after that in the cave screaming. I was immediately convinced it had to do with the bounding of Loki. 

The only thing I can´t figure out yet is that the suggestion in the interview with Kevin Durand who played Harbard / Odin. What kind of role he will be playing in this bounding. Or is this just to get me on the wrong foot again. The only thing I can think of is will Harbard / Odin take part in the bound of Floki? Or is it something else he is coming for Ragnar perhaps if he dies or is he going to help Ragnar get Floki / Loki bound? Is Floki totally going to lose his religion and is this why Harbard / Odin will come? We see Helga and Floki in the cave together. Will they be back together or is Helga Sigyn in the Loki / Floki story.   

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San Diego Comic-Con panel and interview

The panel of Vikings is online and it is one of the greatest I have seen. It has everything in it.
It is funny, it has spoilers and even we fans got appreciated. It is great to see them all out there.

Source History Channel e-mail I got

And on the next link you can find the interview they did with Yahoo TV in the special build Longboat.
I think there will be more interviews to find but this is the only one I could find at the moment.


zaterdag 11 juli 2015

Jarl the board game pre-order
Hail Vikings,

You now can pre-order Jarl the board game.

There will be other games coming up so keep the eyes on this blog or go for more information to:

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Faith, Love, Loyalty and Betrayal

History Channel

Hail Vikings,
I wanted to talk to you about a lot of things hidden inside the trailer.
Some things I didn´t discover before. I started off with watching the trailer a couple of times, then I take a look at the text in the beginning. To find more and more hidden secrets.


Did I really see Richard Armitage in that trailer? I do think so I don't know who he will be playing, but I know it was the one who is telling us about Rollo's betray on Ragnar. Will he betray Ragnar for real I don’t know they don’t show it to us in the trailer everything is possible?

Is Ragnar going to the betrayal on Kwindreth and what will go to happen if she finds out? How will this develop if there is a new woman on her way to Kattegat? What will she do if she finds out about betrayal? We know what she did to her own brother and uncle.

How about Ragnar and Aslaug? If Ragnar will hear from anyone what she did with the priest in Kattegat? Will there be love between them again.

Lagertha and Kalf were getting close at the end of the season will it hold knowing Ragnar knows how she really feels about him. Will she betray Kalf the way he did to her? I would love to see that happen.


In the trailer, we see also what seems to me the younger Athelstan as god figure but it could also be that he appears in Ragnar dreams, King Eckbert, or in Judith’s. It could also mean that Judith’s son Alfred is grown into a handsome young men.

Floki locked in a cave the chains are like Jesus on the cross is it to convert Floki or to put Floki ashamed. What would be the reason behind it only time will tell. Will Floki turn into another faith? I think he will stay truth to the gods.

Is Rollo going baptized again? He is going to get married. What will this mean for him? When baptized will he see it as fun like the first time or will he this time take it seriously? How will it go between him and Gisla I think it is just a matter of time.


The love between Ragnar and his dead soul mate Athelstan will it survive? What does it mean for Alfred? Will the love continue between them or is Ragnar going to protect him from King Eckbert. Will Ragnar even find out there is a mini Athelstan born. What does it mean for Ragnar as Alfred appears?

How deep will the love from Ragnar be to another child Magnus (Barefoot) the one he did make with Kwindreth. Is there still love between Kwindreth and Ragnar?
Ragnar told Floki he loved him but because of him killing Athelstan. It leaves him no choice to judge him.

At the end of the trailer, we see Helga and Floki together do that mean that we have a couple who is also a loving couple in the mythology of Loki. I will come back to that later on.

Brother love is it possible in betrayal? I do think so. They love each other but will it concur another betrayal if it is a betrayal anyway. Should Ragnar not be happy for Rollo. Rollo who’s live just starts to get something in common with Ragnar’s.

Could there be love between Gisla and Rollo? I wonder and think it won’t work. If you watch the trailer I would say they have a love-hate relationship just like he has with his brother.


vrijdag 10 juli 2015

Vikings trailer season 4 San Diego Comic-Con

Hail Vikings,

Here it is the new trailer of season 4.

From what we know from the IGN interview and the panel:

IGN interview

We find out that there will be more episodes how many maybe 20 not for sure.
There will be a clash between Rollo and Ragnar but will it be a clash?
Bjorn will find out his wife has left and maybe some burial Travis could tease us.
Bjorn will more and more stand on his own and will become mates with Ragnar.
The child of princess Kwindreth is his.
There will be more love triangles.
Rollo needs to get the French on his site with first of all a language problem.
Period of the Vikings this season will be the Golden Age.


Ragnar will have another love.
King Eckbert want to succeed in the plan to become king of all kings.
There will be a new romance for Bjorn.
Ragnar will become more and more intrigued by death.


What do we see in the trailer

We see Bjorn take the lead to tell them who is the king.
Rollo getting married. Our French Romance is in the air although did she try to kill him at the end of the trailer? Will he betray Ragnar or will he stay loyal to Ragnar. I do think Rollo will kill a squad of Vikings but that is only to get Ragnar to him I think. If Ragnar is not there he want it to get Ragnar to Paris.

Ubbe and Hvitserk are sure growing up to learn from Bjorn. We don't see Ivar in the trailer yet. Will the brothers go and raid England or somewhere else?

Aslaug who wants to know if a woman will succeed in Kattegat. Will she get an answer from the seer? and would she like the answer. I am not sure but if she got smashed to the ground by Ragnar I wonder.

Lagertha will get her revenge on Einar but will she have it also on Kalf? Or does she love Kalf too much to get her revenge just jet.

The arrest of Floki the humiliation and the downfall what I can say about this that it looks like he is still familiar with the god Loki. Although I couldn't see it for sure in the trailer. Because Loki was on a rock not bound inside a cave and I saw no snake although he screamed. Loki his chains were made of his children. Would they kill Helga and Angrboa? Will we see Floki die or is this just a test, and will he survive this test?

To end with the seer "If the fans knew what was coming in S4, they would be dancing naked in the halls"



Waiting for SDCC Vikings trailer

Hail Vikings,

Today you needed to be in the San Diego at Comic-Con to raid with the Vikings.
I found a couple of things while the trailer is still waiting for. It is the interview they did with IGN and the teaser from Vikings itself. More to come......

Teaser 2 hours before the trailer:

IGN interview:


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Birthday Clive Standen Rollo

@teamStanden and @CliveStanden

Hail Vikings fans,

It is almost the Birthday of Clive Standen (Rollo).
Together with @teamStanden we want to raise money for Sea Sheperd.
Because Clive is one of the ambassadors.
So if you want to join go and donate at: