dinsdag 28 oktober 2014

Vikings has been nominated for People's Choice Awards


Hail Vikings

The Vikings need your help.
Voting is open for the People's Choice Award.
In Favorite Cable TV Drama and Travis Fimmel in Favorite Cable TV Drama Actor
Go vote for them and lets raid for those 2 People's Choice Award.
They deserve it.

To vote for Vikings use the following links

Vikings Valloween contest


Hail Viking fans
While Halloween is on their way the Vikings on History Channel are looking for you out there.
Post your Vikings Halloween costume to win some plunder Vikings stuff like DVD box S2 or comic book S2 or authographed cast photo.
Winning is by voting and you can vote yourself every 24 hours.
On the 11th of November you can check out who won this competition.
Entries are open now on until the 4th of november.

donderdag 23 oktober 2014

Wrap up Vikings fun


Hail Viking fans

Today the Vikings Instagram exploded after they put up a new video with behind the scene and private photos of the cast.
They finished shooting and wrapped up. There is nothing new in there but you could see some of the scenery, costumes and new cast members.
It is fun to watch and definitely fun to see what happened over the past six months and what fun they had in doing it.
The new series are still planned for March. No date is yet announced. But seeing this it makes me want to see it sooner than later.
Keep up the waiting and watch this space to see what is going to happen next.

dinsdag 14 oktober 2014

Great news about The Mortal Instrument series by Cassandra Clare


Today Constantin film came with news after a wait for almost a year about The Mortal Instruments. The series wrote by Cassandra Clare. Would be conducted into TV series. When the news came out the questions came. While we expected to have the second film they announced to go for a TV show. We don’t know yet how the cast would look like or who of film is actually going to play in the TV series. Cassandra told trough Twitter she is excited as us but she don’t know what it is going to look like. She sold her rights of the book to Constatin. She doesn’t know more than we do.

Who is up for a whole season of Gotham


Are you all excited as I am. Gotham has a whole season to go on Fox in America and on MTV UK channel 5 in the UK and Ireland.
Gotham had done a pilot to see if the series would take enough viewers to go on for a whole season. and it passed the viewers test.
Fox is excited today to announce that Gotham will be there for at least one season.

dinsdag 7 oktober 2014

Portrait 8.2 Bjorn


We see the Bjorn we know grow up after a time-lapse of four years. He is angry with his stepdad who treats Lagertha his mother the wrong way. He is a young grown man and knows what is going on. Bjorn wants to go into the mountains to get to know himself better. His stepdad refuse to do this because he wants him to feel at home. And partly to get Bjorn angry.

What he wants is to know his dad Ragnar better. After all he is a Lothbrok and not his stepdad child although his stepdad thinks so. When he got the change to escape with Lagertha he is welcomed by his dad. It is been long. He also find his three step brothers who he immediately connects with. Great to see that the children are loving each other that much.

Bjorn has lots to learn when he comes back home. He got teach by his uncle Rollo.  In his first battle beside his parents he got lucky they didn’t kill him. But throughout the season he got stronger and stronger. Bjorn stay with Ragnar this time when Lagertha leaves.

Bjorn start to have feelings for Porunn who is a slave when we first meet her. When Rollo tries to tell the difference he can’t get her of his mind. While Floki advices him otherwise.
When Aslaug starts to get the feeling she decided to give Porunn permission to live like a free woman. When Bjorn comes back from the raid with Ragnar he need to persuade her to stay with him. He needs to fight for her.

What happens to the relationship and how he will become conflicted with Ragnar we will see in season 3.  

The real Bjorn

Was king of Sweden, Chieftain and naval commander. Raid in Paris alongside Ragnar and his brother. Started to over-winter with the fleet he got in Italy. Had a deathbed to get into Pisa it was set up he wasn’t dead at all. And got to Mediterranean after that he returned home a rich man. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bj%C3%B6rn_Ironside

Alexander Ludwig

Is from Vancouver Canada. Born 7th of May 1992. Better known for his role in The Hunger Game. Plays in Grown Ups 2, When the game stands tall. Both his parents are in the film industry and as a child he started to play in films and commercials at the age of nine. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Alexander_Ludwig http://www.imdb.com/name/nm1573253/

Vikings Portrait 8.1 Young Bjorn

Portrait 8.1 Young Bjorn

Bjorn son of Lagertha and Ragnar, brother of Gyda. When we first see Bjorn he is 12 and ready to receive his arm ring. After that he is introduced to Floki the boat builder. Bjorn is partly raised by Athelstan the slave and monk who took care of them when Lagertha and Ragnar are raiding in England.

Bjorn is also the discoverer of the attack Earl Haraldson did on the village. When Ragnar is badly wounded we see Bjorn running to Floki to get help for his dad. After he comes with his dad to raid his first time he found out that Ragnar and Aslaug are having a relationship he is angry at Ragnar.

While Bjorn is not to tell his mom Lagertha. Lagertha found out that Ragnar cheated on her and Bjorn tells her the whole story. Bjorn’s big decision is yet to come with a lot of pressure he choose to stay with his dad because of the pressure they have given him. After he made his choice he inmiddetly starts to run after his mom he chose to go with Lagertha. After they left it will be the end of Young Bjorn.

Nathan o’Toole

Is an Irish actor born 17 March 1998. Played in Borgias before he stars in Vikings and does play in Penny Dreadful. He is an child actor and still at school.  

Vikings potrait 7 Ragnar Lothbrok

Ragnar Lothbrok Vikings

The first meeting with Ragnar Lothbrok we have in the series of Vikings we see him in a battle with his brother Rollo. It is the first time he sees Odin take bodies from the battlefield into Valhalla. In the first episode he tells his brother that they always be equals.

Then the show starts with introducing his family. Lagertha his wife, Bjorn his son and Gyda his daughter. Bjorn is the age of getting his armring from Earl Haraldson. A big step to manhood. Ragnar hopes to hear after this ceremony that he could sail west.

Earl Haraldson decided otherwise he wants to raid the same way they did before. After that decision Ragnar start to recruit his own crew to sail to the west. Floki and Ragnar's agreement with boat builder Floki who made a boat for him. When Ragnar starts to sail west he becomes an outlaw together with his crew.

When Ragnar comes back from raiding he can give the Earl everything he had raid except for one to choose from the treasure. Ragnar does this with a greater purpose but when he is send for to go sail again he will do this differently. He attacked a church and there is where he find Athelstan.

After he is back from that raid he choose Athelstan for his slave. By the attack on the village where Ragnar lives he badly wounded Ragnar almost to dead. After we see Ragnar disappear in the water it is Athelsthan who saves him out of the water.

After a long while staying at Floki’s house he found out Rollo was captured and tortured by the Earl to get information if Ragnar still lives and where he is hiding. Rollo doesn’t tell it. After this news got to Ragnar, Ragnar decided to called out a battle with eachother. It is after this battle when he killed the earl that Ragnar become an earl himself. When he starts to  raid again he lose two of his children one unborn child by birth and Gyda due to the plague.

Ragnar starts to develop his earl status. He will meet King Ealla during a raid and let Rollo baptise to get political status of willing to cooperate. After the introducing to King Horik in Upsalla and short after that with Jarl Borg who is the enemy of King Horik at that time Ragnar starts his plan.

When Ragnar at the end of season 1 meet princes Auslaug Ragnar saw to the beauty and blind for the status she is a princes after all. It is a plan from Jarl Borg to get Ragnar. After Rollo choose to take the side of Jarl Borg because he is not an equal anymore we set of with season 2.

A great battle with one thing in mind to let Rollo kill Ragnar starts of quite impressive. Rollo will always choose the side of Ragnar no matter what. But Rollo betray Ragnar. Ragnar need four years to finally decide to forgive Rollo for this. He also need that time to build new boats, find a bigger crew and start to get alliance with King Horik and Jarl Borg. When both King Horik and Jarl Borg are going to betray Ragnar in that season.
Ragnar divorce from Lagertha because prince Auslaug is pregnant from Ragnar. Lagertha will take Bjorn with her. Another four years gone by. When Auslaug has already two children and pregnant from the thirth all by Ragnar.

Lagertha arrives back with Bjorn to Kattegat. We meet King Eckbert in a bath. Ragnar decided to blood eagle Jarl Borg while his army set in a house of fire. That is the last drop between the friendship between him and King Horik. King Horik hates Ragnar and want to kill the whole family. He ask Floki and Siggy to do the killing for him except the adults. The adults will be killed by his wife, his son and himself. He asked the wrong persons to do that although he didn’t know that until this battle started.

The family of King Horik is deceived by a plan from Ragnar and his team. When they kill King Horik. Ragnar is no longer Earl but King Ragnar. That was the finally of season 2. We need to wait what happens next. We know he is going to raid Paris.

Ragnar Lothbrok (real) 

The real Ragnar Lothbrok was a Norse ruler and hero. He is married three times. He had lots of children. We are not sure if he had all fathered them. Because nothing is sure historical. He is mentioned in several sagas. He is most famous for his attacks on England and Paris. Warning if you don’t want to know what happened to him don’t click the link: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ragnar_Lodbrok

Travis Fimmel

Travis is born on the 15th of July 1979. He is from Australia. His family has a farm there. He moved to Melbourne as teenager because he wanted a career as NFL football player except a broken leg kept him from that career. Lucky for us. He started his career as a underwear model for CK after moving to LA. Did several films and TV shows but his breakthrough by a bigger audience was definitely the series of Vikings. His favourite recreational activities are NFL Football, motor riding, surfing and going to the beach.  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Travis_Fimmel