maandag 22 december 2014

Vikings on Dutch channel FOX and new season 3

Hail Vikings,

We feel pleased to  tell that Vikings is on the Dutch channel FOX on Monday evening at 22:00 hour or PM if you like it that way.

Don't you agree that there is a Post Traumatic Vikings Disorder I can say from the bottom of my heart I have this. I cannot wait to see the new series coming on the 19th February.
When it will return in February I  will write a blog every week it is on TV there will be a delay in this because of the rights and when it is on.

I will give my opinion on things and explain where necessary with mythology, what I think will happen next or character explanation. Feel free to give your opinion.


dinsdag 16 december 2014


Hail Vikings

Do I have to say more today History Channel set the date for the new season of Vikings.
Season 3 will include the raids on Paris and a dead of a main cast member.
34 days until the wait is over and the Premiere of Vikings season 3 will be a fact.
I cannot wait to see it


vrijdag 12 december 2014

The Hobbit: Battle of the Five Armies

Last night the wait was over I went to see the #onelasttime Hobbit film. Without telling spoilers I will try to take you to my opinion of this film. I was trying to avoid to see the last trailer but unfortunately this didn't work. That is kind of problem when you are online for lots of time and watch TV. So I saw it. The funny thing about trailers is that they want you to expect something or get an opinion. Something I normally do but with this trailer I didn't.

About the film. They did make an awesome film but there will be a difference in what you expect and what you get. Some of it we can relate to the book that Tolkien write. Some of it isn't in the film. 

The story itself I like and dislike for one reason. The storylines are different settled then the last time. I had the feeling at the start we miss a few things it starts in the middle of a scene something we didn't have before. I know where it starts but it is not with the ending of The Hobbit: Desolation of Smaug

From beginning until the end there are great battle scenes I do love those but I have been  by some of the battle scenes. I mean there is a lot of action going on. Some of it is unbelievable it can't but you need to see it for yourself. I had a good laugh in one of the battle scenes and someone next to me said this isn't possible. It isn't possible but we all accept it.  

If I say I like the development towards the end but when the end comes I expected some of overlay towards Lord of the Rings Fellowship of the Ring said by one in an interview but I don't remember which one. It wasn't there . The end credits I like because they have drawn it very lovely and Billy Boyd did a great job with his end credit music.

I hope to do another review in a month of two. 

maandag 1 december 2014

The Hobbit World premiere

The Hobbit World premiere tonight green carpet coverage was amazing.
It gave the livestream a familiar face but it is a bit sad that it is the last one.

The wait is almost over here at the 10th of December I am able to see the film it will come to the film theatre near you in The Netherlands for a list of when it is in your film theatre go to

I did tweet about this and the picture above I got it amazed me to get this gift from them. I couldn't be there and this is an amazing gift to get. 

Thank you all amazing people who worked on all of the films.