dinsdag 20 december 2016

Vikings: On TV in The Netherlands

Credit: History Channel Bernard Walsh

Hail Vikings,

As I announced earlier in The Netherlands Vikings season 4B will start at Film 1 (paid channel) on the 2nd of January.
Fox the Dutch unpaid tv channel already has shown season 3 and the wait will be when they announce season 4A.

I will keep you posted.

dinsdag 13 december 2016

Vikings: Announcement Vikings Con


Hail Vikings,

Vikings con came with an announcement on the 30th of November during the first episode of Vikings.
Their first guest got announced it will be Kwindreth or Amy Bailey.
Tickets for a whole weekend will start at $ 85,00/ $1,200 + fee it depends on what you want. You could choose a day pass for either Saturday or Sunday.

Updates and more information:

dinsdag 6 december 2016

Vikings: SPOILERS season 4B episode 11 The outsider


Hail Vikings,

I am back and so is Vikings. Before I start to tell you how I found the première of Vikings season 4B. I will tell you this is only once. Please give it time because in The Netherlands the première will be somewhere in January at Film 1 paid cable television. Dates yet to announces so keep watching this space for more info.

Welcome to a new episode of Vikings. I was wondering what to expect for this first episode. I have seen so many scenes already so it couldn't surprise me just yet. Nevertheless, I have loved the first episode.

If it comes to mythology I'm pleased to see that Ragnar took it to the next level in comparing him to Odin by hanging himself to the tree. Even Odin refused him to die is another explanation.The scene with Floki is also about dead it seems it is still the theme of the episodes. 

Even when the sons of Ragnar, dared by Ragnar to kill him no one stands up at that moment. It seems if Ubbe tried but didn´t it was nice to see that he stepped up. 

Ivar seems to have the same emotion as Ragnar, only Ivar got them stronger in the scene when he is making love to Margrethe we see every emotion coming by and that without a single word it was magical. Ivar has a mixture of strength within him that no one expect. In the forest scene, later we see that the only one who expect him to be that strong is after he threw the axe to is Hvitserk.