zaterdag 2 augustus 2014

Free Course on Tolkien, LOTRO, and Online Gaming

When I first read this article I was rather enthusiastic. I like Tolkien and would love to know more about this. I enrolled and started three weeks ago. Tomorrow will be the start of the fourth week. I watched every video class and played LOTR when I can. The only thing about this is that I am use to online gaming like puzzle or word gaming not role play gaming with a story.

When I started to play  LOTR in the first week I couldn’t find a thing in the whole game, I started off with the wrong foot and the wrong level and the wrong system group. Wrong character choice etc. I wasn’t able to contact the group and couldn’t find anything except a knife who I needed to destroy the captures of a person.

I am still in level 1 and not a thing further and it is kind of frustrated. The quiz that checks if you did the classes and read the sources given are going good but the game is my disaster. I am under experienced when it comes to this game. Free Course on Tolkien, LOTRO, and Online Gaming

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