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Vikings season 3 'Born Again' With huge spoilers

(A&E) From website EW

Hail Vikings Fans,

In the sand of the beach of Kattegat they have drawn the Seine and they have an island called Paris on a hill.

They have this huge walls (stones) and a bridge (stone) after this drawing.
What we see is that Rollo look at the same drawing and tries to understand how to enter Paris or is planning a warriors plan.

We go to see a wanderer who told about England that knows exactly how to enter Paris. 
The team that will raid Paris will be bigger than King Ragnar thought off.
It include Earl Kalf (not officially an Earl), Earl Sigfrid, Erlendur (son of King Horik) and Torvi who arrive at Kattegat.

The news of the settlement arrives in Kattegat. Floki is trying to warn Ragnar that the gods are angry with them. Ragnar tells him that it is Ragnar to blame for the anger of the gods. 
We have 2 new-born babies. One in Wessex and one in Kattegat. Porunn gives birth to  a girl called Siggy  after the died Siggy who saved Ragnar children. In Wessex the child is born from Athelstan and Judith get a boy Alfred that will be Baptized. King Eckbert thinks the child will be special because he sees Athelstan as a holy men.

Then we have Athelstan who sees the light and throws him back on the ground. After that he will be born again with only one belief. He baptized himself like the holy bible story of John the Baptist. Then he throws away the secret arm ring. After that he goes to Ragnar and tells him he is Christian again and want to leave Kattegat.

After this something happens between the two gods (Odin and Christ). One decided (Floki) to kill the other (Athelstan). After this we get an incredible scene between Ragnar and the dead Athelstan. Last but not least we see a Christian ritual preformed by Ragnar that will put us back into season 1 of Vikings where Athelstan does the same ritual.  


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