vrijdag 3 april 2015

With Spoilers Vikings season 3 'Paris'


'Tomorrow we attack Paris' Floki says in the promo. In Paris we see new characters and with new characters we meet new scenery,  and new cast members. 

We get introduced with Count Oddo, Emperor Charles of France and Gisla. Count Oddo want to protect Paris and try to get the Emperor out of Paris. The Emperor and Gisla decided to stay in Paris no matter what will happen because they don't want to abandoned the people of Paris. He doesn't want any help from his brothers because he want to have proved himself that he is like his great-grandfather. Gisla will be the spokesperson to the people of Paris, Count Oddo has done his preparation and knows how to offer for the of Paris in food and water. What we see in Paris is that they speak Latin instead of France.


But we start this new episode in an interesting setting in the boat with Floki who last week killed Athelstan in favour of the Gods and Ragnar who knows Floki killed his best friend out of jealousy. In seeking revenge Ragnar puts Floki into charged of this Paris mission. Something that will bring Floki pressure turning him into madness it makes him week, he feels important and that makes him enormous strong in a couple of ways. He loves his job and even tells his deed to Helga what makes here place weaker. He didn't keep it for himself because he was proud of what he did. The difference between the Floki season 2 and season 3 is that in season 2 he did everything to protect his child and Helga in season 3 with his confession he puts his whole family in danger.

Someone else who is living on the edge of enemy states is Bjorn especially his relationship between him and Torvi. Where the ex-wife of Jarl Borg Torvi is now the wife of Erlendur both brought by Earl Kalf to get the Lothbroks out-of-the-way it is fun to see how these two still love each other because Erlendur is treating her as bad as possible. While she likes Bjorn she would in my opinion never hurt the Lothbroks. Erlendur is the one to watch out for. He hasn't learned a thing from Siggy when he was young.

That brings me to Rollo who has indeed an invading plan of Paris although he wasn't the only one thinking about it when he was still in Kattegat. What we see is coöperation between the different teams after they had tried to come with the boat near the fortress Paris. The differences are not aside at all when they talk about the plan how to invade. What we do see is that Floki hasn't got a clue and if he had paid attention and asked Ragnar what he could expect he wouldn't have helped him. Ragnar wants to see Floki's downfall. 

The warfare used is a tactic they invented with simultaneous attacks on both land and water, tower and gates, river point attacks, and scaling walls. We don't know if this was always a tactic of the Vikings but when they start to write about it we are already in the 1100 A.D. but if we do some research about it you will find out that this warfare is from father to son. We saw it already in the warfare of the battle of Mercia they could have chosen to battle both sides. 

I will now turn over to King Eckbert. He is one of the persons who doesn't believe in friends, he does believe in alliances to finally call himself Bretwalda, King of Kings, King of whole England. King Eckbert sends his son away to Mercia after he got angry with Judith. King Eckbert will protect Judith no matter what. That is because he believes she chosen by God to  give birth to the new-born child like the Virgin Maria. After they find out that Six nobles killed in Mercia and Eathelwolf needs to get things right in Mercia. Princess Kwindreth got a surprise for him. She gave birth to a child Magnus (Barefoot) the child is from Ragnar. She knows what will happen when Ragnar returns from his raids to get his settlement back and he  will find alliances in Mercia. King Eckbert plans are also to overthrow King Aella.

Then there is a scene between Porunn and Aslaug. Aslaug tells Porunn to not abandoned her child. Wow was that really Aslaug is she finally seeing things and is she able to cope with here children alone? The one who almost killed her own to get what she desired. Aslaug tells Porunn what burden they must bear in all times with children.  


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