dinsdag 20 september 2016

Vikings: Comic-Con Panel

Hail Vikings,
The Viking panel of Comic-Con 2016 is up to see by History.
What can I say about this panel it has a few spoilers in it but not that much.

A little summary

  • Floki is what you like him to be: Seer, god or Floki he doesn't mind but he loved the word god.
  • Lagertha will clash with Aslaug.
  • We possibly see a new relationship between Lagertha and Ragnar but if they will be together if it was up to Hirst it would but I can only tell when we see the new season.
  • Bjorn is going to explore different countries.
  • Rollo is going on the Viking route.
  • Ragnar has hopes that one of his children will be king but he felt like they left him.
Next week I will talking about Who wants to be King?

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