zondag 20 april 2014

Vikings Episode 3 Season 2

Hail Viking Fans

I just saw episode 3 from Vikings the introduction of the older Bjorn played by Alexander Ludwig. Alexander is one of the three new introduced actors for Vikings season 2 He took the role Bjorn over from Nathan o’ Toole. Because of a time jump of four years he was able to take over the role. He is the first son of Ragnar and his former wife Lagertha When I asked him a couple of weeks ago what the challenge was he answered: “Wow, good question I think Nathan played the role very well. Because of the time jump I was able to do my own style but always kept in mind what Nathan would do so I could create my own style of playing Bjorn. Another challenge was that after season one became a hit the expectation where so high for season two. I saw season one on TV and liked it very much. Then coming in the second season is something very difficult.” 

I have seen his performance tonight for the first time and liked the character even more wright now. I loved Bjorn already but this role taken over is a great one. We take off with the same anger he had towards Ragnar but then towards the second husband of Lagertha. The anger itself is explained during the first scene in episode 3 where Lagertha is introduced again.

Rollo proves himself a great warrior in this episode again. But he will also remain one of the characters that want to prove himself with too much. He want to show his true side.

Ragnar will be gone the whole episode not gone in the way that they don’t show him. He is away from his hometown. It is once again a episode we love to see from Vikings.

Can’t wait to see the next episode.

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