woensdag 18 juni 2014

Sword Excalibur

Arthur Drawing the Sword from the Stone
Walter Crane
Today I want to write about a subject that popped up in my head yesterday.
Swords. Viking swords but then I found another interested subject about the swords. Something about Excalibur from King Arthur. 

When I started my research today about the Viking swords and their names I came across Gram it is a mythical story that looks like the Arthurian story. (1.)


In short words Odin pushed the sword Gram into the heart of a mighty oak. Who took it out of there would be fated to win battles.

Then I started to research a little bit more and find out that in several mythologies the Arthurian story was used. Both the stone story and the sword in the lake are used in different stories.

You could say that I was overwhelmed by these aspect of the stories seem the same but are slightly different. I didn’t expect to find that many in different mythologies and legends. I liked the idea of writing about it.

If you look at:

It is all about a sword in a stone, oak or a sword that came out of the lake. (2.)

Then I started to think is it possible that this story is from originally Nordic. What If the Vikings had that story before the Arthur legend came out? In my journey to that question I found out something interesting. (3) A battle called Mount Beddon in the year 516 (not sure if it is that year) tells us that this is associated with the Arthur legends. This fight was with Vikings. It is also the kingdom of Umbria. (4)

Conclusion: if Vikings and Arthur lived in the same timespan they have fight each other. But it is not certain if they did.

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