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Portrait 8.2 Bjorn


We see the Bjorn we know grow up after a time-lapse of four years. He is angry with his stepdad who treats Lagertha his mother the wrong way. He is a young grown man and knows what is going on. Bjorn wants to go into the mountains to get to know himself better. His stepdad refuse to do this because he wants him to feel at home. And partly to get Bjorn angry.

What he wants is to know his dad Ragnar better. After all he is a Lothbrok and not his stepdad child although his stepdad thinks so. When he got the change to escape with Lagertha he is welcomed by his dad. It is been long. He also find his three step brothers who he immediately connects with. Great to see that the children are loving each other that much.

Bjorn has lots to learn when he comes back home. He got teach by his uncle Rollo.  In his first battle beside his parents he got lucky they didn’t kill him. But throughout the season he got stronger and stronger. Bjorn stay with Ragnar this time when Lagertha leaves.

Bjorn start to have feelings for Porunn who is a slave when we first meet her. When Rollo tries to tell the difference he can’t get her of his mind. While Floki advices him otherwise.
When Aslaug starts to get the feeling she decided to give Porunn permission to live like a free woman. When Bjorn comes back from the raid with Ragnar he need to persuade her to stay with him. He needs to fight for her.

What happens to the relationship and how he will become conflicted with Ragnar we will see in season 3.  

The real Bjorn

Was king of Sweden, Chieftain and naval commander. Raid in Paris alongside Ragnar and his brother. Started to over-winter with the fleet he got in Italy. Had a deathbed to get into Pisa it was set up he wasn’t dead at all. And got to Mediterranean after that he returned home a rich man. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bj%C3%B6rn_Ironside

Alexander Ludwig

Is from Vancouver Canada. Born 7th of May 1992. Better known for his role in The Hunger Game. Plays in Grown Ups 2, When the game stands tall. Both his parents are in the film industry and as a child he started to play in films and commercials at the age of nine. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Alexander_Ludwig http://www.imdb.com/name/nm1573253/

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