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Season 4 premiere Vikings: Portage with SPOILERS

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Hail Vikings,

Although we see King Finehair complain to Lagertha the one thing I don't understand is why he did this to Lagertha. Lagertha knows Ragnar will come up with a plan but also knows King Finehair is right about that someone must pay. He really showed his different faces today. There are so many things in that episode that give me a lot of thought, though.
King Finehair knows that he didn't have to do that to Lagertha and even the slithering mood he has towards Ragnar when he told the plan. 

(Photo credit: Jonathan Hession History Channel)

In the one he is trying to convince Lagertha that someone needs to pay for this defeat, however, he is convincing Ragnar he did a great job. I don't know about you but King Finehair is someone we cannot trust. I agree with Bjorn that this defeat weakens the Lothbroks in general. And if looks could die Bjorn wouldn't be there anymore. The dead is something role leading in this episode although we don't know what is yet to come. The dead foreseen by Torvi is something to think about as well is it foreseen or is it just a dream.

That brings me to the treason of Count Oddo. Although the Emperor wants to reward Oddo for his part of the retreat of Ragnar and his army Oddo wants to rule out Rollo because it was a feud between the brothers. That Christianity is a joke to Rollo we have seen in several episodes in season 2 and 3. But this season I doubt that we see major changes to Rollo since he had his destiny by the seer. Oddo orders the arrest of Rollo before he can raise an army or escape Paris. What happened next to Oddo is that he commit high treason and taken care of by Therese first who ask him to turn the roles between them. He got a well-deserved punishment from Roland. Rollo is becoming a dad, Gisla announced her pregnancy to her father the Emperor at the meal. After the meal, we see the Emperor take the Iron hand of Frankia and gives it to Rollo.
(Photo credit: Jonathan Hession History Chanel)

We see another pregnancy in this episode in Wessex here we have Kwindreth who announced that she is pregnant from Aethelwulf. Something that change lot of things. When Kwindreth finds out what her Family and King Eckbert have done she is furious and wants to regain power. By trying to escape the castle of the King she got captured together with Magnus. Before she tries to escape she asks Judith to help her. Something I wouldn't expect. Kwindreth the always fighting and do it your own way Queen of Mercia. She sees in Judith an ally and friend. This also means that Eckbert needs to fear his life because you never know with Kwindreth. She does attack Eckbert so that Judith stabbing her in her back she is one of the three/four/five dead's in this episodes. ~

Ragnar has a genius plan when he comes to lift the boats carrying them around the defence towers and then drive upstream to Paris. If Floki agrees to build the lifts and the carriage of the boats the problem of being defeated gone by Finehair and Halfdan. We see also that Helga is alive. She tells Floki not to die. While camping on the mountain there is a little beach on that beach we see Yidu and Ragnar while Ragnar wants medicine from her he threatens her. Yidu, however, wants to betray his secret. If she ever were a princess we know now that she won't live long if you betray Ragnar like that. Ragnar drowns her in front of his own children. 

Last but not least Harbard. The wanderer who tells everyone that he loves them. After Aslaug finds out about him sleeping with other women her jealousy starts to make her way. She is angry, she thought she could possess him and still she knew she wouldn't have him alone. Harbard places her in a place she doesn't want. I was thinking about Harbard and his double role. He tells her he could hear her scream over empty oceans. But he also tells her he could heal and prophecies. He is holy and have concurred all the sins of the world. When he told her that I was thinking about religion change. He could be changing from the God Odin into the one God on earth we knew as Jesus. This is some what different approach to the religion change of that time. We know the pagan religion is changing into Christianity. Odin could also heal and prophecies. *

~ Kwindreth

* Harbard

@ Ragnar's plan


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