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The mythology I found in ´The Profit and the Loss´ with SPOILERS


Hail Vikings,

I will start with the conversation between Harbard and Aslaug. Aslaug asks where Harbard has been. When he tells her I walked trough many worlds of the living and dead. Harbard reverses to Odin who was able to rule over the living and dead. So Harbard is Odin in this conversation. When Aslaug asks him about why he came back he knew she was suffering. He thought Ragnar was dead or away. She tells her about Ragnar's punishment because of what happened to Siggy and what happened to the children. He could also bring Aslaug the news of Ragnar's dead or a new believe change on its way. He is certainly trouble.

In the scene with all the women and Harbard, he is a seer and Odin because he announce that she will have three children. The other woman tells him he is a holy man who is close to the gods. He is Odin there again. When he goes into the women's house he is Odin as well. Odin is known of his affairs and marriages to different women.

Floki, Aslaug and Harbard threesome. What they did here is something wonderful Floki who could be the new seer as we saw in an earlier episode and sees the betrayal of Aslaug with 
Harbard or it is the reference to Harbard (Odin) and Floki (Loki) as blood brothers or even suggest by Viktor Rydberg that Odin and Loki are the same. It is fascinating to see that this crossover between the three of them is so pure and connected that even in a moment I believed Aslaug was a god herself but I can't tell you at this moment if she is one and if she is who she is. I can see a conflicted Floki for sure. 

What we also could tell in the same scene is that Aslaug could be the warning to Floki that Helga couldn't be saved by him. Harbard could also tell trough Aslaug that Helga is going to die and prepare him for a new wife in Aslaug. It could also be that Aslaug becomes the new wife of Floki in the future. Aslaug could be comforting him in that moment. Maybe Aslaug could see Floki's future.#

When I was looking for information on the Rhyme Rollo was giving to us on the siege tower to find out that it was a Skald performed by a man called Þórir Jökull Steinfinnsson but more surprises came when I found out it was for Thor warriors. Maybe that is why we hear thunder before and after the siege. Could it be that Rollo is also a hidden god in the form of Thor? I read on a blog this same rhyme can found in season 1 episode 4 but I can't find it back in that episode. We can also see that this means there is still a Viking within Rollo. &


If we take Mercia even there we can find mythology in the Mausoleum the Queen with the cut of tongue and breasts takes us to Queen Off and the story of Beowulf (Norse mythology and Tolkien). Wixton is not yet a saint. The mythology tells that Wixton is a Saint because when he died a few miracles happened in the tomb of the mausoleum.

Even Yidu brings us to the Norse Goddess Seidhr. Seidhr is responsible for the poisoning of men's mind even that from Odin. Yidu's medicine are poisoning Ragnar's mind. ^

# Floki/Harbard

& Rollo’s Warcry

$ Mausoleum Mercia

$ Beowulf


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