vrijdag 7 oktober 2016

Vikings: Month of History

http://www.osebergvikingskip.no/documents/bildedagbok.php?title=thomas-finderup-tar-over-etter-egil-mikkelsen&entry_id=1280322991 Photo source: © Jørgen Kirsebom 

Hail Vikings,

In The Netherlands, October is the month of History. When I received the newsletter about this I went to see how much events about the Vikings I could find or I would see in this month. I came back very disappointed by the first things I saw. In total three events, I came across that had to do with Vikings. Things I already had done and all in one weekend. But the last event tricked me on the 14th of October.

I already knew that this year theme is about borders between lands, sea and everything to do with those borders. About that last event, I found. It is a symposium about Historical reconstructions of ships. The theme of this symposium is Authentic and Sustainability. At first, it has nothing to do with Vikings for one exception. Later I will tell you about the exception.

I will tell you why in our History the Vikings are not that important because it is not the Dutch history our history starts in the Dutch Golden Age the United East Indian Company time 17th century (V.O.C.) . For me also an interesting subject. But enough about that.

When I saw the leaflet surprised as I was to see that there are two presentations by Thomas Finderup. One about the reconstruction the Viking ship 'Oseberg' and one how to chop/split and carving the wood. I wouldn't want to miss this for a second. I will try to make a blog about this next week or in a fortnight.  

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