vrijdag 18 juli 2014

Premier date announced Vikings season 3


On the 25th of march 2015 we will raiding again. Half way from the season 3 we will attack Paris. Over 120 ships, lots of raider-warriors. Our well known cast and newbies will be there to entertain us. Blood will flood all over the place and lots of other storylines will pull out again.

New Season

New season brings new characters and new stories to be told. Mythology and history combined within the series. It will be a feast to watch the new season. Let us see what Comic-Con will bring us with the new trailer of season 3. In less than a week.
We already knew that Ben Robson was added to the additional cast as Kalf.
Lothaire Bluteau
He is most famous for The Tudors TV seriess written by Micheal Hirst. Is actor for over 32 years. He is going to play the Emperor Charles of France or Charles the Bald.
Kevin Durand 
Known for his acting in films as X-men origin, I am number four and Reel Steal. The Wanderer from Vikings will be mystirious and is connected in the Baltic with Eathelwulf. (10th century) as The Wanderer
Morgane Polanski
Advisor and daughter of Emperor Charles. Also known in history as Gisele.
 Jennie Jacques
Judith daughter of Aella and Wife of Eathelwulf. Truth or dare actress.

Comic Con

You will find the cast of Vikings on 25th of July for singing 1-2 PM local time at 450 2nd avenue on this street you will find also a Viking on set.
The panel and trailer you will find on 25th of July during the panel session at 4:45-5:45 Room 6A

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