vrijdag 11 juli 2014

Did we miss something or do we have a totally different opinion then those who are in the jury of the Emmy’s nominations?

Photo credit: Jonathan Hession
I was shocked when I heard the Emmy’s nominations. My beloved Vikings didn’t get any nomination in the category of actors, actress and even not the writing staff. The only nomination we got was in SFX.

Vikings had a lot of categories they were in. and didn’t get what the fans wanted. A nomination in all categories. Travis Fimmel does a lot of acting without words amazing. Katheryn Winnick is stunning throughout the whole series, Clive Standen went from a warrior into a drunken Rollo and then get up again.

The writing team did an amazing job to get the show much better than last year. Still they don’t see the show who is back for a third time next year as an Emmy’s nominee. I didn’t I was all the way convinced that we would be nominated for all the categories we were in.

A strange idea we will raid again and next year we will beat them all. We will raid the Emmy’s nominations and we will win because we are the Vikings.

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