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Season 4 premiere Vikings: A good treason with SPOILERS

Photo credit: Jonathan Hession History Vikings

Hail Vikings,

Sunday was the première of Vikings season 4 in my country The Netherlands or Holland.
Although I read spoilers because I am an addict to spoilers and seen lots of promo's. 
I love to make up my mind about the series and episodes. 
The wait was finally over to see for me what happened in the years after the attack of Paris.

When I first saw a Chinese promo of the golden door I couldn't see if it was the door to heaven or to Walhalla I had the feeling it was about Walhalla but wasn't certain if it was so. When we see Ragnar on the horseback he sees the lights of the doors in the middle of the forest. We see that there is a Vikings celebration  because we see a drinking horn.We also see a wolf sitting next to the door. The doors are closing fast and Ragnar stays behind with no Walhalla.

Photo credit: Jonathan Hession History Vikings

While Ragnar is still not awake Bjorn is arresting Floki for the murder of Athelstan. He shows no interest what so ever in Siggy his own daughter. He wants to know why Porunn is gone. At the feast, Bjorn is high-tempered with Ragnar, Ragnar found that Bjorn is stupid by arresting Floki and leaving behind Rollo in Paris. Because Bjorn made that choice he torn apart about killing Floki. Ragnar already knew he wanted to judge Floki in a different way. But Bjorn arrested Floki so Ragnar must punish Floki for what he did. Bjorn also wants to prove to Ragnar that he is a grown up and want to go. Wilderness is what is calling him.  

Aslaug, however, is at the seer trying to find out if she will be the next ruler of Kattegat. Further, in the episode, she needs to explain why Porunn is gone to Bjorn. Also, she is seeing the slaves brought from Paris where she finds Yidu. When at the feast the children are all about Ragnar, she is trying convinced her sons that their granddad Sigurd* is in the stories as well she get ignored. She isn't to pleased by Ragnar awakening when Ubbe tells her so.    

As Floki punished by children, Helga tries to get the children away from Floki. In the version without the cutting scene we see Bjorn chasing the children away. The conversation is one way Floki asks Bjorn why he did what he did and don´t get answered. Floki also gets food from Helga and Angrboda. He loves the food he gets.

Photo credit: Jonathan Hession History Vikings

Lagertha and Kalf go back to Hedeby. Where Kalf Announce that he and Lagherta are going to rule together. Einar is against and with him his family. Kalf gets a voting who is against. Elendur and others are going to kill the people who are against it. Except for Einar he got castrated by Lagherta and dies.

Rollo has stayed in Paris. Against all odds, Rollo didn´t rape Gisla at the wedding night. Gisla is still hating him and would have thought of another wedding night she expected. We see a different Rollo in Paris. He gets a visitor from the camp where Eric tells him that people don´t trust Rollo now he married Gisla. Rollo goes to the camp and, kill them all.   

* If you want to read more about the story about Sigurd: http://www.mythencyclopedia.com/Sa-Sp/Sigurd.html

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