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Season 4 premiere Vikings: Mercy with SPOILERS

Photo credit: Bernard Walsh History Channel
Hail Vikings,

In the last episode, we saw Floki in a cave his whole body is standing like a cross and he dressed like Jesus during his crucifixion. We see both similarities to the Cristian faith as well to the Pagan Gods. If Floki is Loki what I now suggest more than ever he is bound like Loki. The cave he is into has poisoned salt or something that hurt that is why Helga is holding the bowl above her power and above his head. Helga portrayed as Sigyn Loki´s loyal wife. In the Loki story, it is a snake who spill poison on  the skin of Loki just like what we see with Floki and Helga in a subtle way. We also see that if Helga tries to sleep the dripping starts again and Floki begins to scream. It is a different way with Loki. If Loki gets the poison on his skin he screams that loud that it said he makes the earthquakes. So Floki could sleep if Helga holds the bowl if Helga gets to sleep he wakes.  I found the scenes in this episode between Helga and Floki the most powerful scenes.*

Later in the episode, Helga gives Floki something to drink when Ragnar comes in. He asked her if she told Floki about Angrboda. She said no. Ragnar leaves. Floki asks Helga "what is wrong". We see Helga cry and tell Floki that Angrboda is dead "she got a fever there was nothing I could do."

If we go back to the killing of Athelstan (season 3 episode 6) by Floki we saw Floki transform to a dog because Rollo was in his way to get to Athelstan. That dog could refer to Fenrir or Gramr. Gramr is the foretold of Hell. If Floki was Gramr  that would mean that Athelstan is not come to heaven nor in Walhalla he is in Hell the mythology talks about Baldr's draumar. Or is this something we need to turn around was Floki in Hell with his mind so he needed to kill Athelstan for his own peace of mind.#

Photo credit: Jonathan Hession History Channel
Lagertha and Kalf are a different subject today. While Kalf is trying to convince Lagertha that he wants to have a child with her because he loves her so much and she is too old. We need to recall back to the (first season episode 8) after the miscarriage of the unborn child by Ragnar and Lagertha in Uppsala they ask for a new child but there is also a part of a seer that tells Lagertha she won't have a child again. After this Kalf has a conspiracy with Erlendur against Lagertha by killing Bjorn because he is in the wilderness alone.

Meanwhile, Bjorn is seeking for an opportunity to kill a bear he set traps, later he finds the traps closed but no bear in it. After walking to all his traps he sees the bear find out he left his weapons at home. While he got drunk fell asleep and wakes up he comes eye to eye with a bear. He starts to fight the bear. The bear is stronger at that time, Bjorn screams at the same time Ragnar hears him yell and got a vision about when Bjorn was very young. Ragnar thinks he is dead  He kills the bear. The seer told a prophecy about a bear to Rollo. Bjorn is a reference to bear. Bjorn has a bearskin now does he become a berserker. Does Bjorn try to kill himself when he fights the bear because Porunn left him, or is it because of the expectations of Lagertha and Ragnar? We don't know, he wants to prove himself. Does Bjorn foresee the dead of Ragnar by killing the bear? We can't answer this at the moment.  Is Bjorn  the Belgerim (Bear Yeller or mountain Yeller). Belgerim is the only survivor of a deluge of blood from the wounds of Ymir, wounds when he killed by Odin. ~

At the feast of St. Eulalia we see that the Emperor tells the story about Eulalia and Gisla comparing the story to her story while she embarrasses Rollo. Rollo took advantage of that moment by walking over the table and scare people off to proof Gisla was right about it. The Emperor ask Oddo to get Rollo to stay. Rollo tells Oddo he wants to learn the language. 

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