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Season 4 premiere Vikings: Yol with SPOILERS

Photo credit: Jonathan Hession History Channel

Hail Vikings,

We start with Ragnar in the bathtub with Yidu. This scene is kind of funny because Yidu shows us perfectly that she is not a good slave. Ragnar is at that moment obsessed with the dead itself. Ragnar is torn between wanting to kill himself or everyone around him. Yidu tells him she is in the same place but you need to live the life worth living. A King and a slave must serve others whether they like it or not. It is true if the slave doesn't serve the master or the King doesn't give the raids or treat his people right they have almost the same place. Although a King has riches and the slave not. He can find himself in Yidu for various reasons. He grew up as a farmer and became King, in my opinion, Yidu is a princess or something and knows where Ragnar is talking about. They both have walked the same path both in a different direction. What I mean by this is Yidu was someone wealthy and became a slave in Paris after they had a boat trip. Ragnar however, was a farmer before he became King in season 2.  Yidu gives Ragnar medicine.)

Photo credit:  Bernard Walsh History Channel
We return to Wessex for the Christmas celebration where King Aella, King Eckbert, and Queen Kwindreth are together with friends and family. We see a furious King Aella about Magnus, and his own daughter Judith. Although King Aella sees the treason from Eathelwolf and Kwindreth he takes Judith to discuss his anger. Judith tells him that she is free and he can't stop her. King Aella announce that he will kill Ragnar for what he did in Northumbria.   
When we return to Kattegat to celebrate Yule we see a lot of things happen. Yule* starts when the Arra Geola moon is there to grow full in late November or the first weeks of December.  Yule has to do with the wild hunt, and Odin associated with Yule, and the german Pagan Mōdraniht (Christmas eve now). We see the fire lighting by Ragnar this is Yule Log but the Yule Log is also the wood brought in the great hall in this episode. We see a crow in front of the parade is announcing the moon but I think it is a hint to Odin as well.

We also see Floki who went to the seer^. I still believe Floki = Loki. Recently I doubt that he could also be the next seer. There is always something mythic about Floki but I like the mysterious ways he believes in. What we now know is that Floki will be hundreds of years old because the seer told us. It has more Loki than seer but you never know with Floki.  In the new podcast by History Channel itself, they interviewed Gustaf Skarsgård who plays Floki. He can't tell but Floki could be anyone he could be Loki or a new seer. One thing we know is that he will get a difficult season ahead. He tells that people will die but if his Floki dies he kept in mystery just like his character Floki. We finally see the old Floki back. The interesting part is Aslaug wants Ivar to get educated by Floki in the old ways. Floki knows Aslaug could be an ally in the future.

Photo credit: Jonathan Hession History Channel
Everyone saw Bjorn fighting with the berserker. I think Bjorn knows exactly who send him by presenting him the ring. When he is catching Torvi at Lagertha and Kalf, Erlendur is taking the child from Torvi. I don't know why but I have the feeling Lagertha knows exactly who is behind the attack as well. 

Last but not least we have a very peaceful Christmas celebration in Paris. I do think they finally meet each other after the last episode. What is funny about this scene is that everyone can enjoy from the meal. There are some of them that will have mixed feelings when this scene happened. Most of all we see almost everyone smile.    

The surprise of this episode we need to find in #King Finehair the stories spreading about Ragnar took him to Kattegat. Aslaug doesn't believe him. After he plays a game with the boys Hnefatafl.$  He tells her the truth about a princess he wants to marry. I was thinking about what I said earlier and I believe he wants to marry Yidu although it could be Aslaug as well. He wants to marry her when he is King of all Norway. At the same moment, we see that Bjorn made it in time to celebrate Yule with Torvi and Ragnar also comes to the great hall. You can see him thinking what is he doing in my chair. Ragnar isn't too friendly to Bjorn as well.


# King Finehair
^ Seer

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