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Season 4 premiere Vikings: Death All 'Round with SPOILERS


Hail Vikings,

The boats are making their way around the towers. While pulling we see Lagertha with a big belly. At that same point, they been watched by two Franks. If they know or not I have the feeling they did know. Why? Because a few scenes later Finehair raids a village and kill them. 

While Alfred and Aethelwolf arrive one of the treasures of Rome showed to Alfred a piece of the thorn crown during the crucify of Jesus Christ. later in the episode, we see that Alfred got crowned to the council of Rome. During that scene, we see a crossover between the crowning in Rome and the one of his grandfathers in Wessex. I like these crossovers very much. It made me think of the one with Floki/Helga wedding and the Aethelwolf/ Judith wedding where they used the same technic to show us the difference between a pagan wedding and a Christian wedding, in this case, they showed us the difference between a holy coronation and a Kings coronation. #

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When Floki sees Aslaug you could ask yourself if he is a seer. Harbard has left Aslaug and went wandering again but why is it that Floki hears and sees Aslaug. Harbard could hear her screaming over empty oceans he told her. A couple of weeks ago I suggested that Floki as Loki could be the same person as Harbard or Odin. Maybe, in this case, Floki is becoming Odin himself. Or the gods favourite him with gifts he is getting used to at the moment. Floki knows now Harbard is away from Kattegat could it be a sign on his way to him. When hearing Thor (Thunder) does he know where Harbard or Aslaug is up to? Floki comes to his senses  when we hear Lagertha scream. What also could be is that Floki is changing into Harbard.

In this moment, we see Torvi getting Bjorn and Ragnar because something is wrong with Lagertha. She just lost her child and get comfort by Ragnar while she talks to Bjorn. When she demand them to leave we see them going out of her sight but not totally leave. In my opinion, we needed to see that even Lagertha is vulnerable even if she is a great shieldmaiden. It was a great moment to see her and get Ragnar's comfort there. I thought I even saw him affected by it although it was Kalf his child. Her vulnerability we see growing when she sees what happen to Bjorn and for a very long time with Ragnar.

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While Rollo and Gisla announce they are going to have children, the Emperor announce Roland count. Due to the pregnancy Gisla we see differences in how that affect the life of both of them. Rollo gets rejected and he is simple according to Gisla. I think in this situation we will see Rollo return to his old habit. No sex someone else, please. He starts to feeling discomfort for the first time. She demands him to kill Roland before he regains too much power. She is right about one thing Roland is to close to the emperor in a few ways. I keep wondering is the Emperor out on a threesome? Or is he gay? When he is gay would Gisla know and is that why she demand Rollo to kill Roland.

The boats are becoming further and further into the goal when we see Lagertha lying on a stretcher carried around. When they find out they are behind the towers. When they getting the boats in the water again Ragnar tells Floki he needs something from him. This is a discussion point for me as well. Although I am pointing a few things out now time will tell what happened at that moment.
  • There are a few drugs left he could ask Floki to make them for him
  • If he could make something against the withdrawal symptoms
  • Heal Ragnar or Lagertha or both
  • War plan for defeating Rollo
  • To discuss the downfall of King Finehair and Halfdan
  • Keep an eye on Bjorn when Ragnar dies
  • New weapons that Floki needs to make
  • Ask him advice
  • See him as the seer
While Ragnar is delusional and is having withdrawal symptoms. Bjorn came in to tell Ragnar all the boats are back in the water. Ragnar tells about Yidu's medicine and that he feels poisoned. Bjorn sees his father delusional.

Last but not least the biggest scene of this episode. Torvi has great problems. While Erlendur is trying to get Bjorn dead she is protecting him from the start. We see Erlendur in the night trying to shoot Bjorn but Torvi has seen him and protect him by turning her back the way he can't shoot. Erlendur is going crazy and makes a sacrifice to the gods he gets crazy all the way. He thinks Torvi needs to shoot Bjorn and demand her to drink Rabbit or goat blood. While she doing this she is truth to herself and Bjorn. She walks up to Bjorn and kills Erlendur instead of Bjorn. It was amazing to watch Torvi I think we will see changes in Torvi. I think they are equal to each other.

I do think there will be consequences for Aslaug. Siggy drowned the same way we lost other Siggy. Was it Sigurd, Harbard, Aslaug or just an incident by Siggy herself. We probably will not now but we know that Aslaug isn't capable of mothering children we see a spoilt Ivar who already isn't fearless at all. Aslaug a total drunk. I was wondering if she is going to end up like Rollo in the second season. Maybe we see the same change as Rollo.

# Aethelwolf and Alfred

# Timeline of Kings during Viking time England

# Rome and Vatican City

# Crown of thorns

# Council crown of Rome and sword Charlemagne

# Pilgrimage

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