dinsdag 24 mei 2016

Vikings raiding San Diego Comic con


Hail Vikings,

Vikings will be at San Diego Comic-Con for the third year in a row. This event will take place on the 21-24 of July 2016. They are already sold out but if you have a ticket enjoy. In the first year of Comic-Con they had a boat race, the second year you could get all dressed like a Viking and got a small film audition. They also bring out a comic book every past year they did this especially for Comic-Con I don't know if it is going to be back this year. More information will follow they didn't announce what they will do and which of the cast is going. For last years panel check: http://www.history.com/shows/vikings/videos/vikings-comic-con-panel-2015?playlist_slug=vikings-season-4-curated-list

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