dinsdag 28 juni 2016

Vikings adventure in The Netherlands

©Tamara Bakx

Hail Vikings,

Last Sunday I was at an exhibition about dragons. I know you might wonder what happened to you? Dragons and not Vikings. The funny fact the dragon is in a few myths from Vikings there are dragons. The dad of Aslaug (Sigurd) killed a dragon (Fafnir). There are three dragons known  NíðhöggrJörmungandr, and Fafnir and a dragon killed by Frotho 1 (this myth used by Tolkien and Peter Jackson in The Hobbit).  In this exhibition, they told a few things about the dragon in Europe. Did you know that the dragon head (Dragonhead) placed on boats to please the gods, to expel evil during their journeys and scare the other boats.

In this museum, they also had the history of Limburg and surely they had a few Viking items. I will post a link to the pictures I took from both the dragon exhibition and the history of Limburg pictures.

©Tamara Bakx

In Nijmegen, I went to see the house of history of Nijmegen. They have found lots of treasures from the roman emperor and doubt that Vikings have been there. Although the last decade, they came back from it because they needed to be there because surrounded by a river that ends in Germany.

As I said before in the Netherlands they have denied a long time that there were no Vikings at all because we couldn’t proof it. We have several findings now that they indeed lived, worked, and raid here.


Vikings inLimburg: 

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