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My journey: Vikings in The Netherlands

Tamara Bakx ®

Hail Vikings,

If you were wondering why I did recaps and didn’t announce them on social media here will be the answer to that. I have been to many places in The Netherlands lately and have discovered and learned a lot of things.

I have been to Middelburg city on Walcheren (Walcria) to read some old books about Vikings, and do research about Walcria and the Vikings in The Netherlands, I went to Texel twice (Texla) to find out more about what they did there and in Friesland (Frisia) amazed as I was what they did.

Then I went to Den Oever (in the Viking time this was also Texla) to the Dutch Viking Information Centre (VIC) I suggested my theory about Rorik and Ragnar and he told me it could be the same person because they couldn’t write at that time. So my theory still could be right. I will post a lot of things and pictures in links later. In Den Oever, they have a good collection of Vikings coins, swords, a boat, clothing. In Den Oever, they told me to do my next stop in Leiden.

Tamara Bakx ®

So I went to Leiden to the Rijksmuseum van Oudheden ( the next stop in my journey to find what we know about the Vikings. They had also a good collection of interesting objects. The treasure of Den Oever is also there, but they have also a fibula from Wijk bij Duurstede (Dorestadum).

Next, stop Groningen, where I went to the Strip museum, translated Comic book museum ( You might wonder what has this to do with your Viking journey funny fact is that they have a small piece replica tapestry of the battle of Hastings made by Bayeux. It is the battle between William the second and King Harald beginning of the Norman conquest 1066. They have also a large collection about Eric the Northman a comic book.

Tamara Bakx ®

Today I went to Eindhoven (Betua) PreHistorisch Dorp, The Prehistoric Village while there is no real evidence that they were there they found out Woensel nearby Eindhoven named after Wodan another name for Odin.  There they found a talisman in a grave of a child they think it is from the Vikings. I learned a lot today in this village. I learned how to write with a feather like the monks did, I learned about different herbs in a garden, to make a fire with stones, arrows with a wet stone, cups from clay, how loam could be used for making a blade or axe, to make wooden dowel pins for boats, braid, swirl a bracelet, rope making. I have learned a lot of things today.

What they did to keep old things in Eindhoven is that if you want to break a house down the law tells you to do archaeological research on the space before you are going to build again. So if anything is found they have proof once they found something Viking related.
The Viking house they have built is found in the border between Eindhoven, Helmond, and Den Bosch. The house dated from 950 AD. It has a great hall and you can see it in a boat figure. They think it is a forerunner for a castle they built later on that ground.

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