dinsdag 30 augustus 2016

The wind of change

Hail Vikings,

The trailer arrived a month ago and I was seriously in panic. What to do with my blog it has so many aspects in it where do I start and how will I write done all this awesomeness and sadness in one. I decided to think about it and decided last week I will do it in more than one blog.

This one I will call "The wind of change", next week will be the one I call ´The world will tremble", Mythology will also be one of the series blogs I am going to make. I don't know yet what I want to call that one.

But first The wind of change.

Why did I want to call this blog the wind of change? I choose that because the first seconds of the trailer are about that. Flags flapping in the wind, we can feel and saw that there is a storm coming we don't know if this is Kattegat, Hedeby or Wessex perhaps. A stone to sharpen an axe trembles. We have seen Sigurd, Hvitserk, Ivar, and Bjorn but also King Eckbert. The change in the story from Ragnar to his sons. The change in rulers although it is a big question who wants to be king in Wessex and who will it be in Kattegat?
There are a few options here in both Wessex and Kattegat. 

Wessex: Aethelwolf who is obviously the one to succeed to become king or will he be ruled out by his father king Eckbert who has his sins on Alfred? What will Magnus do when he smells the power of a true Viking or  will he be just a puppet for Ragnar? Will Magnus change the world from Christianity to heathen once again or will he join forces with his other brothers?

Kattegat: Aslaug who ruled when Ragnar was gone, Bjorn the oldest the official successor, The other boys or will it definitely will be Ivar? Will Halfdan and King Finehair rule Kattegat also one of the many possibilities. What about Lagertha I could see her rule Kattegat.

When we hear the seer speak about calamity, chaos, tragedy and dead we see different things that concerned me. Lagertha could/is pregnant again but will she lose another child, we see lots of blood in that scene, is she going to die or is it a flashback from when she was pregnant. If she becomes pregnant again is it from Ragnar because we see them kiss in the trailer or is this a dream or flashback from Ragnar. Is Ragnar still living in the past instead of the future?

Rollo is changing yet again from Christian when he married Gisla to Viking again. This is because Bjorn, Floki, Helga and Hvitserk in Paris to get safe passages for their journey to the Mediterranean Sea. 

In the trailer: Rollo tells Gisla that still a part of him is Viking. To prove Rollo they show the map Bjorn has found in the cabin when he lived in the wilderness.
Lagertha seems to attack a village I think it is Kattegat. We saw boats come and go to Kattegat, Wessex and far beyond new destinies. On the boats, we see a lot of familiar faces. Halfdan, Finehair, Bjorn, Rollo, Floki, Ragnar, the sons of Ragnar. All the boats have different flags.

We see a few wars for power and raids coming up. Between Lagertha and Aslaug, Ragnar, Aella, and Eckbert, the sons of Ragnar, Aella and Eckbert. We see burning houses in a new place seems to me it is an Arabic place. Paris and Wessex get raided again. Kattegat will be under attack. 

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