dinsdag 9 augustus 2016

SPOILERS Sigurd season 4 part 1 recap

(Bernard Walsh/History) http://tvshowpatrol.com/news/vikings-meet-ragnar-adult-sons/

Hail Vikings,

Sigurd is not much shown in the series until he bullied Siggy his big brother Bjorn's his child. After seeing Harbard who he doesn't like he sets a trap for Harbard by fetching his mom. Harbard makes love to someone else and this broke Aslaug. 

Sigurd gets Harbard away from Kattegat. When he find Siggy dead in the river he goes to Aslaug who doesn´t know where he is talking about wasted as she was. 

When we meet the grown-up version of Sigurd it is at the cabin. He is also one of them who wants to kill his father after what had happened to the settlement in Wessex. He thinks Ragnar betray a lot of people. When he meet Ragnar who surprisingly returned to Kattegat he is also challenged to kill his father but don´t want to do it.

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