zaterdag 3 mei 2014

Season 3 Vikings What to expect

Season 3

We do know more about season 3. In a recent interview creator Michael Hirst told a bit about season 3. They are going to invade France. With hundreds of boats they will set sail to raid. With lots of armies and men.

If you watch the historical facts then we know that Ragnar is famous of invading Paris. Rollo we know that he is going to marry Poppa the daughter of count Berenger and start a live as duke in Normandy. But these are historical facts and historical facts can be broken in TV.

Bjorn will also be sailing to the Mediterranean he invades Spain but only if Hirst allowed to. At the end of the interview he says: ” but on the other hand, you never know.”

We will never know what Hirst will do because it starts filming in June. The only fact we can know from this interview is that they going to France. Goodbye beloved Vikings we see you in season 3. Then we will know where Hirst was up to.

Photo: History Channel

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