dinsdag 27 mei 2014

The Viking-Christian wedding

The creators of the series from Vikings did a remarkable job. They succeed to put a Christian wedding and a Viking wedding together with both rituals. The music they used only makes it better.

What I like about the scene is how they show the differences in marriage. The rituals are different from each other but both are well shown.

There are myths in the Viking marriage. We know the similarities but on different ways. For example Floki carries his Helga to the spot where they are going to marry. The Christians do this after the ceremony. The broom carries his wife to bed.

Another great ritual by the Vikings is the changing sword this is for protection and is a symbol of tradition the broom will always change the sword from his father and will be given to the next son. The bride will have a new sword to give to the broom. Christianity don’t have that we do that with names.

On the ritual changing the rings it is clear they both have the same ritual here but Vikings put the ring on the swords and exchange in the series.

The music that they used suits perfectly in the theme of the marriages. It has a bit of Celtic sound. I know that sounds funny but it is.

Do you want to know more about Viking or the Christian marriage?

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