zaterdag 1 maart 2014

Are you ready to go to Sherlocked?

Are you ready to go to Sherlocked?

In 2014 the famous TV show Sherlock will have his first convention although it was already announced a couple of weeks ago. They ask you to submit your details and you will get announcements when they are ready to do the convention. They also ask you on Twitter to think about place to have the convention.

When I first found out about the event I was thinking about how many fans of Sherlock that are fan of the books would actually go to that event. Which fans are actually served at that event? Only the ones who want to meet the cast. Is the cast able to go to every event due to schedules of films or did they schedule nothing to be there. What are the ticket prices? How about the prices for a meet and greet and photograph with the cast and crew? Time will tell if these questions will be answered.

I agree that one of the convention need to be in the UK. The TV series and books are set on Baker Street 221B in London. So normally you would say it needs to take place somewhere in London. As Baker Street 221B is way too small and little to do a big event like this.  

Will this event be at a new to build Sherlock Holmes theme park?
How about you would you go there? I would. 84% would go there if you believe the votes.

How about a grand opening with cast/crew and convention at the same time it would be the outcome of this great event.

The event will be taking place over three day’s, cast/crew members will be there and different activities that has to do with Sherlock.
The event will not only take place in the UK but also throughout Europe and USA. So catch it if you can and a fan of Sherlock.
For more information and to get notifications about the convention go to:

About the Theme Park go to:

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