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History Vikings season 2

History Vikings season 2

On the 27 February the new season of Viking starts on History channel in the USA and on Love Film UK. After season 1 everyone wanted to know what was going to happened next. And when the teaser trailer for season 2 came at San Diego Comic Con I was angry. What I saw was that the funniest boat builder Floki would die. I started to write my own story that you can see on my blog. I couldn’t help it because who would kill one of the stars of the show.

Due to the new season there is a sweepstake on Facebook called Vikings Fantasy League. The sweepstake is available for everyone but if you want to win you need to live in the USA. The league will let you choose a team this team will get you through season 2 and through the episodes.

You need to have social media like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. This is how you earn points. The more points you get the more you can redeem for different prizes. Go and found out.

You still have time to see season one it is already available on DVD and Blue Ray.
Season one shows us different characters there are more but these are some of the main characters.
·      Ragnar (Travis Fimmel)
·      shield-maiden wife from Ragnar Lagertha (Kathryn Winnick)
·      Son Bjorn (Nathan’o Toole, Alexander Ludwig)
·      Rollo brother of Ragnar. (Clive Standen)
·      Earl Haraldson(Died in season 1) and his wife Siggi. (Jessalyn Gilsig)
·      Floki and Helga (Gustaf Skarsgård and Maude Hirst)
·      Monk Athelstan (George Blagden)
·      Aslaug (Alayssa Sutherland)
·      King Horik (Donal Logue)
·      Jarl Borg (thorbjørn harr)

At the end of season 1 Rollo makes a deal and will fight against his brother. In season 2 we will find out more because Rollo want to be treated as an equal. Aslaug is pregnant and what is going to happen with Athelstan and the different gods.

There will be a jump in time because Young Bjorn Nathan ‘o Toole will become older in time played by Alexander Ludwig.

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