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Q and A Vikings

Q and A Vikings

Yesterday the new season of Vikings aired in the USA and Canada. A lot of cast members where on twitter or Ustream to answer questions from fans. Due to the overload of questions and the amazing amount of cast members who where online to answer them I wasn’t able to catch all of them. An hour after the first episode of Vikings season 2 there was time to ask questions. Clive, Katheryn and George for instant did an hour before the launch on Twitter. After the launch they came back on to twitter to get the reactions of the fans. Where Alexander and Alyssa did Ustream afterwards. The airtime was at 9 in the evening. My time because I live in The Netherlands was 4 in the midnight.
Season 2 will be launched in april in my own country.     

Clive Standen (Rollo)
Did you take anything from the set?
“That's for me to know and History to never find out!”
What is your favorite line?
"All things begin and end as stories"
Do you study mythology before? Did you have to learn a lot of new things? (Stunts, tricks, and martial arts)
“Always learning...Norse mythology SO vast it's ongoing. Had a whole day of stunt training today-lucky if I come out of ep1 alive!”

Alyssa Sutherland (Auslaug)
What do you hate about Aslaug?
“Not a thing!”

Katheryn Winnick (Lagertha)
Did you kept any souvenirs from Vikings?
“The offering in season 1 for Uppsalla”
What is your favorite country when you are on set?
         “Ireland. For sure.”

Alexander Ludwig (Björn season 2 episode 3)

What was the challenge in the role played by someone else and your own interpertation of Björn?
“Wow, good question I think Nathan played the role very well.     Because of the time jump I was able to do my own style but always kept in mind what Nathan would do so I could create my own style of playing Björn.”

“Another challenge was that after season one became a hit the expectation where so high for season two. I saw season one on TV and liked it very much. Then coming in the second season is something very difficult.” 

Which character would you like most?
         “Floki” “Gustaf is playing him very well. He is amazing.”

George Blagden
Would you like to play a different character?

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