zondag 9 maart 2014

How to Build a Fictional World: Animated Video Explains What Makes Lord of the Rings & Other Fantasy Books Come Alive

Today I came across this explanation of fictional worlds. It is something I deal with every day. Exploring the fictional world is something difficult. Although I have to say it is easy to explain the fictional world. The communication between the author and reader could be completely different from each other. We all can imagine what it looked like being in a fictional world.

If you put several readers to a room and ask them how they see that fictional world you get completely different answers. The perspective of every individual will be totally different.

Film and theatre do adoptions of books. We see that with Lord of the Rings, Narnia and The Hobbit. All kind of books made it these days to cinemas or film theatre across the country. A lot of times we see that film is one of the things we going to read a book or we already did read it.

Most of the time if we read the book and after that you go and see the film you will discuss about it. Film and theatre need more characters then the book to get the storyline right. I remembered that I once went to see such an adoption from a fantasy book and I missed an awful lot of a part of the book I loved so much. The storyline not always bring you what you expect. Or we miss things out of the book on the screen.

If something like that happens we often say that it is not what we expected or I had something else in my mind. That is because we the public have created our own world in mind. The perspective is different then we thought.

In my point of few it will have lots of discussion but stick to your own fictional world to live in. That is the world we need to get around with thought times. To get away from your life you need to live. Put down your sorrow and keep those dreams coming.

Every fictional world is fantastic to live on.        

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