maandag 15 september 2014

Clive Standen's #AskRollo #Vikings

Yesterday I had the oppurtunity to talk on Twitter to Clive Standen Rollo of Vikings History channel.

How many weeks to  go when you are finished with filming this season?
“ we are filming episode 7 & 8 ...only 2 more to go until wrap!’”

Is there anything going to change between you and Siggy?
“tempestuous to say the least...theres a fine line between love and hate”

Is there a big change for Rollo ahead?
“As always with Rollo you should expect the unexpected!”

Will Rollo accept Floki better this season or is it going to be worse?
"its a two way street!"

Is Rollo going to surprise us?
“doesn't he always ;)”

Did the cast finally succeed in pranking Ragnar or someone else?
“it involved a cast member being kidnapped in the the boot of a car...I'll say no more”
George Blagden (Athelstan) answered: “@RosemaryOMall33@h3rblkw1ngs@chain_four So.....I'll fill y'all in..... #itwasme#noneedtolookfurtherfortinyvikingcreativity

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