donderdag 4 september 2014

Vikings potrait 3 Earl Haraldson

Earl Haraldson

One of the enemies of Ragnar in the first series. Chieftain of Kattegat. He didn’t want to go to the west or had the guts to go west. He believed there was no west. He wanted to kill Ragnar and almost succeeded. His children were killed. Siggy was his wife until his dead. He was the first tier to be killed by Ragnar in an equal battle to death.
In real he was either Godfred Haraldson the son of the king of Denmark or Olaf Haraldson who was a Viking who started to raid at the age of twelve. He is better known for the Saint’s Saga. I think it is Olaf Haraldson because almost every name of the characters of Vikings are in there.

Gabriel Byrne

He is an Irish actor and has won a golden globe. Was in the show for 6 episodes. Is busy with film and TV as an actor. Has played in 79 films till now. Did play himself in 53 productions. Did study archaeology and linguistic. He became actor when he was 29.

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