donderdag 4 september 2014

One Vikings saga to rule them all

Photo credit: Jonathan Hession

I was doing research for my portrait/review on Earl Haraldson and then I came across the Saint’s Saga of Olaf Haraldson. The longest and most completed one of that time.

I was looking for the answer did Earl Haraldson and Ragnar came across each other in that saga. I couldn’t find it. After a while I read the whole saga I found another thing to write about. The names of the main characters of History Vikings The only two I could find where Athelstan and Bjorn. But the support characters I could all find in the saga.

So if you want to know more about the support characters or three of the next main characters go and find out the saga yourself. I will name them for you. Who is there to find and which season:

Season 1                             Season 2                             Season 3

Knut                                   Halfdan                               Kalf
Leif                                    Sigvard
Bjorn                                  Ivar
Arne                                   Horik

We only need to read one saga to rule them all.
So if you want to know more I want to advices you to go and see the saga.

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