zaterdag 6 september 2014

Vikings potrait 4 Siggy Haraldson


Siggy is an earl’s wife when we first met her. She lost her children except her girl who died at the end of the season due of a plague. Her husband was killed by Ragnar during season 1. She is the protector of Rollo from day one. After the dead of her husband she choose for Rollo. She is the one in season 2 who see that Rollo is strugeling with his life after he betray Ragnar. He is walking the hall of shame. She is the one who convinced him to go and talk to Ragnar. When he is forgiven the game of Siggy starts. She betray Rollo with king Horik only to regain power. What the difference between this betrayl is that she does it for Rollo. When she is asked to do it with King Horik’s son and to kill the children of Ragnar she finally realise she is done with Horik.

Jessalyn Gilsig

Is a multi-talent she is good at art art and acting. Canadian and known for Glee and Heroes. She is a single mum. Her debut was in 1989 in the film industry. She did also different TV series. Her ex-husband is Bobby Salomon they have a daughter. She is the daughter of writer Toby Gilsig.   

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